Chapter 2: Happy New Year

Overall, in this chapter, I want to tell about "Wiki and its going down". But it's not a good award to close this year happily, but I have to say. Since after being an administrator, things are going exactly like I thought before:

Being a staff member is worse than being a regular user.
I need to become a staff member to clean-up this Wiki.

Which side should I choose now? I would like to choose 1, but because of everyone here (except "stupid users"), I have to choose 2. Wiki are still going down and worse than ever, and I need to stay.

I have enough proof and I will post them all:

  • Stupid users - For God's sake, they are the people who mainly and directly affected this Wiki, made it worse. Both stupid users and simple users chatting in the forum.
    • Editors - Those are acting like this is their Wiki. They totally ignored the rule and added words to the Wiki. They even had bad grammar, didn't know anything about informatics, they just simply added and left. When they came back, they just said: Where is my edit?! ; Don't delete my edit, please! ; Who removed my picture and why?? ; and so on.
    • Look at those comments above, should I accept this? Never. I'm pretty sure that those people will read this and won't post any comments. Whatever...
    • Stupid users in forum - They better than the editors, yep. They are friendly and chatting like friends at schools, and I like that. But seriously, they are acting immaturely. (Not like Wintermelon43)
      • In Buzzy's threads and simply other similar threads for requests, people are supporting. What's so special I want to tell? Staffs are important members, and they are needed to protect this Wiki, for sure! But I've seen recently, not all staffs are doing well. Some of them are making mistakes repeatedly, but people didn't notice. Because of that, they supported and they thought staffs were always perfect.
      • I was about to show this, but nevermind.
  • Games - Games are just for fun. EA needs money, yes, but PvZ2 is free, so they should have some premium plants. Even those aren't needed, as they are weaker than the plants we can obtain. We are lucky enough to have Winter Melon and Infi-nut, so why must we complain so much? Sap-fling may be worse than Snow Pea, and Snow Pea is worse than Winter Melon.
    • Gemium plants - Ghost Pepper, Homing Thistle, Sweet Potato and a new plant coming up. They aren't enough for you? What were the gems used for before? That's a cool idea too! If only I could share my "trick", but I would be killed (you know the reason).
    • For many times, Dark Ages and Big Wave Beach aren't hard at all. Even the levels were nerfed because EA's money-earning time was out. They think their money earned is enough (maybe someone bought coins, gems, premium plants, etc...), so they nerfed the levels. Yea, they are still harder than Far Future, but not much. Enough for this, even if they weren't nerfed, but why weren't they still hard? All are because of strategy. We have so many plants that could help, but why not choose them? Weirder, they think BWB - Day 13, 14, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 28, 30 were insane. Try again and again. At least change your strategy many times. You will see that the zombies are coming fast at first only, then slower. Killing Fisherman Zombies immediately is a bad idea, because you will make the zombies come faster. Using Infi-nut to block him, then quickly plant something. Then, finish Day 23, 25 and 28 so easily. Ignore Day 16, as it is truly a hard level.
    • Of course, meanwhile, EA and PopCap still have some conditions. They rush, they work very fast because they promised to release a world in 3 months. That may affect the quality of the game. For example, Tomb Raiser Zombie can only spawn 6 tombstones, but Wizard Zombie can transform repeatedly. Seriously, that makes the Endless Zone extremely hard. The first four worlds have upgrades, but DA and BWB don't. Seriously, that makes the difficulty harder.
    • If they don't fix them soon, I think Endless Zone won't be more enjoyable anymore. They need to look after this to correct their mistake when they promised to "rush". At least, if they didn't promise, DA and BWB would be greater than everyone thought.
  • Our Wiki is still using old templates.
  • Back to my topic, I'm tired of this. I'm just knowing that I will try my best to improve them. Then everyone will just listen to me WHAT we need to change and follow it. Everyone can do one time a week. I only wish everyone could do that, so we can hopefully match with other Wikis.

So, Happy New Year. I hope everything is improving, but my hope isn't that high (similar how MidnightHawk said). To change the templates, we need staffs having exprience at codes, but new members aren't helpful. To successfully adjust the article, we need more editors, but the recent new ones are so stupid. To protect this Wiki, we need more admins, but some of them were retired and bad editors are still coming faster than admins. To make this Wiki peaceful, we need to calm down, but we are still complaining a lot.

After reading this, I hope you will find the most important objectives to do right now. We need to have "an excellent start" in year 2015. You know, our Wiki is having an app in Android device soon, so why not improve more AND MORE?

So many other things I needed to say, but I didn't.

Thank you for comments. Tell me what you think about me and future. I need to hear that, so I can know what I need to improve.