Chapter 4: Time to explore is my 4th stage of Wiki life.

You may not know this, but I discovered that our Wiki is on top 20 of all the best Wiki in the Wikia Network. What a surprise, even though this Wiki still has a lot of problems, including relationships between each users and lack of experienced admins. Actually, I'm tired of sitting in this Wiki the whole time. You know the reason, sitting here does not solve any problem. Not at all.

This Wiki has nearly done. I don't know if my changes made this Wiki be on the top 20. Maybe. At first, I thought this Wiki was great, especially Brainulator9 was great too. But no no no. I was growing and growing. This Wiki in my sight today is totally different form the past. In the past, IMO, this Wiki was great. Today, IMO, this Wiki is still old and keeping being stuck with old thinkings.

Whatever, when I visited another wikis in the network, I have a conclusion:

  • Each wiki has their own design, their own style, and their own articles. They owns everything from themshelves.

Is that correct? Yes. There are exceptions of split Wikis, such as Candy Crush Saga Wiki and Candy Crush Soda Saga Wiki. That's why I want to explore the Wikia Network.

My mother and dad always say: You need to go outside to get knowledge. That's totally right even in this un-real worlds. If we keep sitting at home, we will be dull. You can see this clearly in your class. Your class may have at least one dull classmate. Personally I hate them, since each time they kid me, I feel like they don't worry anything about the big upcoming exams.

The same to here. I need to go outside this Wiki, visit other Wikis. I must do, because:

  • I need to improve "my" wiki. (Ours would be better)
  • I need to know how they design their template.
  • I need to learn CSS and JavaScript, so I can use them to become a website developer.
  • I would like to help other wikis correct grammar, so I can improve my English more.
  • I would like to visit new friends, new foreigners.

I will reduce my time on this Wiki heavily, and start to focus on going outside. You can still see me editing here, as well as being very active in a mystery wikia. You can contact me at any time on my Message Wall or Talk Page on any wikia.