CHAPTER 3: Happy, But Hard Time

This is chapter 3 of my life on Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, from January 1 to March 3. Um, let's just say, this time was very great! I feel like the Wiki was much better than the previous time I stayed on. Wiki was much more improved. I was satisfied and proud of it. I don't mean I focus everyone to do like what I'm doing now. Well, some skipped-without-discussing-first features like small icons may make you confused.

During this time, I enjoyed some of your (you and everyone here) games, like counting before an admin posts, FNA PVZ Wiki,... for relaxing after 6-month hard work. That does not mean I'm going to be lazy. :P

However... the hard time is coming. The exam-learning time. This has killed and is killing my time. That makes me less time to edit, as well as visit it. I have no choice but have to be partially active, since it's way too hard. However, I want to do a lot, especially I want to revive dead Wikis.

Besides that, this Wiki is, well, almost done on everything. At first, I decided to leave. The reason are: Wiki has enough templates now; admins and everyone here could edit the pages to make them look better by themshelves. But then later, I am still kinda worried, because after my "Wave of zombies" thread and Brainulator9's edits, who I thought he was good enough to make templates, Wiki seems to have very few people who are extremely good at making templates and reading code. Iet me say about some people:

  • Someone456 is okay. However, he can't make complex templates. He could read a source code and guess how it works. At least, his best advantage is that he could remember a lot of codes.
  • Jackninja5, I dunno.
  • Hoanganhminh, I dunno.
  • Gerg, I dunno.
  • Brainulator9: I understand him, but he is still not good enough. I am kinda surprised when he said to me how to hide the "Grave" row in Infobox Level, despite the fact that I have used many templates for main templates. However, he has some ideas. Good ideas.
  • JemCel03: It's good that he made an infobox plant tabber.
  • Buzzy Buzz: Zero experience. (as he said)
  • Ninja Penguins: I am very surprised that he even knows the <verbartim> and the MediaWiki about the Countdown. However, his ideas are not a lot. That may be one of his disadvantages.
  • ZombieNinja723: Who could just edit and re-organize the pages. Otherwise, he could copy anything.
  • TheHandsomePlant: He is good at reading codes, I must say. He is the first one who guided me how to read codes in .obb files.
  • CitronOrange: Dunno.
  • DeathZombi: Nearly 0%.
  • Cheetah-shooter: Nearly 0%.
  • Nicko756: This Wiki needs him. I have seen he brought to us many kind of MediaWikis, which are very helpful. I want to nominate him as a bureaucrat immediately.

That's the reason why I want to stay. Only Someone, Brainulator9, JemCel03, Ninja Penguins, and Nicko756. They are people who are good, have experience. However, they need more brilliant ideas to make Wiki newer. About me, I'm not pretty sure. I'm a quick learner. I even don't have reputation. I imagine how this Wiki would be without me................ Nevermind.