I will explain why I don't post this in the forum. This can be counted as a part of my history.

*sighs* I don't know what to say if I should be a staff member, or an administrator. Staff isn't important and unnecessary. But now, this Wiki's staffs are going down... a bit (Miles, A plant, CoffeeCupProduction,...). I don't mean that they should be demoted, I mean keep their rights still. Since there are only a few days left to allow me to become an administrator, I will tell something first.

  • Vandals and stupid users - Not many vandals now, but there are lots of "stupid" users coming here like ghosts. I don't know what they do, still. Especially most of the new contributors didn't help the Wiki so much. (Except Nicko756 who is an admin from another Wiki, so he must be a very good contributor.)
  • Staffs going down heavily - I don't want to frame them, like what I said. Honestly, the only staff member who makes me think about this is Miles. A friendly user, sometimes, but I have so much trouble when reading his "caps lock" words and his raging blogs. Normally, I only see this case at some regular users, but this is the first time I saw a bureaucrat like this. Another serious thing is that he even said my icon for 3.1.1 update, which I posted quickly to show everyone, was fan-made. For God's sake...

Luckily, there are still some good bureaucrats and admins who I think they can protect this Wiki. You know, especially the newest administrators helped and improved a lot.

  • Old templates and styles - At the very first time when I started to join, I found the old templates, when comparing with other wikis, needs changing. However, I didn't do right afterwards because I didn't have any knowledge about codes and templates, until now, I have learned so much, so I tried. However, there are still a lot of things to do, because this takes a lot of time, as there are too many pages using the same template.
  • Good contributors retiring - The worst news I've ever heard. I was still pretty new around, so I didn't know them much, until I entered the Staffs page and found that. At the very first day of joining, I heard that Randomguy3000 was globally blocked. (I didn't post anything to prevent spamming.), then MidnightHawk, Wintermelon,... Almost all of good users left. That makes this Wiki worse...

And there are other things that I can't tell, but at least they are serious problems in this Wiki. If we don't correct our mistake soon, I think this Wiki will be dead, sooner or later.

So in a few days left, I decide to become an admin. I can't stand with my "useless" right - a regular user - and look the Wiki going down. I know I can do. 5-month joining here is too enough for me to learn the most popular and necessary things about Wiki. I was like everyone here: Knowing nothing, making minor edits, chatting, commenting. But I has been completely changing since Someone456 encouraged me to stay here to contribute and protect this Wiki. I accepted and started to learn carefully what bureaucrats usually do. That explains why I knew what's a template, how the code works, what are colors' code,... It was so trivial, though.

Thanks to everyone here for encouraging me. For now, I will be an admin not only to start to change more but also help other admins and bureaucrats correct their mistake. I will also learn the "editing skill" more and save this Wiki. I don't know if I will retire like others some day... You know, everyone can't stay here forever, so... *thinks*