Meh, I'm starting to be really interested in hacking PvZ2 and want to try after the 3.7.1 update, which shows that Gold Leaf cannot be used in other worlds. This really bugs me a lot, and I started to want to... hack.

Just a few days before, I started to know what internal names are, how I could replace them. At first, I didn't know how to use HxD porperly, and I lost quite a lot of times, when I tried to turn premium plants into gemium plants (That's because I simply replaced the texts with the dots with hex codes). Until one day, I started to know what "nullify" means, and I was successful for the first time. I was really happy after seeing the result, then I turned every premium plant into gemium, then I bought them all. I afterwards knew how to change the description of the plants in the store so that I could make "fake products".

Today, I tried to find a way to make Gold Leaf available usable in EZs. Following by 1Zulu's new json files, I found the way to make this possible, and I was successful again. After that, I found that "properties" are just like "classes" in CSS that controls it details. And BP's guide page guided me how to hack: Nullify the properties, Change the hex code of a text or Change the ASCII texts. These three ways really help me a lot in hacking a game.

I may must thank a lot to 1Zulu for the simple converted rton files to make me know how properties work, as well as the OBBPatcher to make these possible!, Gaming Center for the guide how to replace an internal name and nullify, Ballsitic Planet and ErnestoAM for pointing out some cool properties!

So, I started to become a semi-hacker, today. It was really simple and easy... I think you could do it. You will find a lot of fun when hacking a game, I must admit.

My next attempt is how to use unused plants.

(Do not tell me the way, as I'm trying to learn more to become a semi-hacker)