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Chard Guard
Sun cost: 75

RECHARGE: Mediocre

Chard Guards are defensive blockers that can hurl zombies backwards.

Special: hurls zombies back (x3)

You might remember Chard Guard from his days in the WWF (that's World Wrestling Foliage). When he was in the ring - boy-oh-boy - he was something to behold! His moves! His style! His attitude! The crowd loved him. He was quite the star for a while there. Sure, those days are behind him. But if you watch carefully, when Chard Guard is fighting zombies, you'll see him use the wrestling move he made famous. The ol' Knock 'Em Dead maneuver - it gets 'em every time.

Recharge Recharge
{{{flavor text}}}

Are you looking forward to it? It is currently unfinished yet. We will surely finish it. Meanwhile, you can suggest what needs changing.

For more information, this is a template for plants almanacs, which are based on in-game. This is made just for Almanac Entry section due to the Sun cost and data parameters. You could also use this to make your own Almanac. It is cool, isn't it?

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