Frostbite Caves - Part 2 was so fun! It's worth waiting for it! Here are some of my opinions after finishing Frostbite Caves.


Part 1 has 16 levels. Cool! Good artwork and music! I really enjoy it! Almost all of them are very well-balanced. I could go to this world right after finishing Ancient Egypt - Day 8. So easy! The level I enjoy is Frostbite Caves - Day 16 and Day 13.

Part 2 has 14 levels, not 16 levels, though. Unlike Big Wave Beach, it has one more exclusive Brain Buster level and one level with objective, but now this world doesn't have those two levels. Well, it may make the world even easier.

  • Day 17: Troglobite! The zombie looked like very tough, but it isn't. At first, when I played this level, I don't choose Hot Potato until afterr finishing Day 20. I soon released that this zombie's weakness is Hot Potato, as he can make it lose the ability, focusing him to eat plants instead.
  • Day 18: Stunion! This level made him useful! I don't know why, but he can stop the zombies instantly, unlike Chili Bean. Overall, Citron and Bloomerang also appear in this level. It's kinda fun.
  • Day 19: Troglobite again! Now I don't have any problem with Hurrikale and Hot Potato! Stunion could be helpful.
  • Day 20: Medium-hard. This level would be easy if I use Hot Potato.
  • Day 21: Fire Peashooter! Spikerock! I love this level!
  • Day 22: Oh no! Weasel Hoarder! Those weasels are very dangerous, better be careful!............ But then later, those Weasels are slower than chickens, much tougher a bit. Lightning Reed... however, won't help to me.
  • Day 23: A column of endangered Chard Guards! Oh my god! The ambush zombies came directly to them! I would want to use Hurrikale to beat this level!
  • Day 24: Produce at least 2500 sun... This kind of objective is so easy.
  • Day 25: Rotobaga! I tried planting them on the third column. This plant is very good when there are 15 of them!
  • Day 26: I thought this level would be like Big Wave Beach - Day 27, but nope... Only Rotobaga is given.
  • Day 27: This level was so hard, but I beat it on my first try! I was given only one Plant Food. Those Gargantuars are so tough, a couple of Troglobites and Buckethead Zombies!
  • Day 28: Last Stand level... Two columns of Fire Peashooter + Chard Guard + Potato Mine are enough.
  • Day 29: Locked and Loaded... Finally. However, this level is pretty hard without Hurrikale and Chard Guard!
  • Day 30: Yes! Zombot battle! I was waiting for so long!
    • Oh my, no Plant Food! How can I beat this level?
    • So easy... Not many zombies are summoned at once. Even I didn't see any Troglobite nor Weasel Hoarders. This battle is the easiest boss battle, IMO.

Overall, the levels are well-balanced. Some levels could be hard. At least, it's not like Big Wave Beach. However, why no upgrade?! ;(


Coming soon!