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The Stories of Zombies 1: Gargantuar's Love

Someday,in the Zombies's hideout....

Gargantuar : "..........."

Conehead Zombie : "Gargantuar,what is wrong with you today?"

Gargantuar : "I no find my girlfriend!"

Conehead Zombie : "What?,girlfriend?,hahahahahaha!!!!!*laughing loudly*"

Gargantuar : "YOOUUUU*lots of bleeps!*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*while throwing far away Conehead Zombie*"

After that,Gargantuar go to Homeowner 's house

Threepeater : "Friends,attack the Gargantuar or the Homeowner will become brainless!!*while shooting peas to Gargantuar*"

Gargantuar : "Hey,Plants!!,I do not want to eat brain today!!*while roaring loudly*"

Tall-nut : "So,what are you coming here for?"

Gargantuar : "I want to talk something with Homeowner!"

Suddenly,Homeowner comes out.

Homeowner : "You want to talk about what?"

Gargantuar : "I want to have girlfriend!!"

Homeowner : "So that.....,*while thinking*wait, I have an idea!!*while running to posters store*"

Homeowner : "I give you a Queen Zombie poster!!"

Gargantuar : "Wow!,she is so beautiful!,thanks Homeowner!!!!(while going back to Zombies 's Hideout)"

Gargantuar put the poster on the wall in his bedroom.

After that,Gargantuar isn't sad again,but,other zombies are wondering.

Gargantuar : "dr.!,follow me!"

dr.Zomboss : "??????"

dr.Zomboss and other zombies follow Gargantuar to his bedroom.

dr.Zomboss : "WHAT THE!?"

Other Zombies : "Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*laughing loudly*

Gargantuar : "GUUUUUUYS*lots of bleep!*!!!!!!*while throw far away the zombies except dr.Zomboss*

The End.

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