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The Stories of Plants 1: Spikerock's Trip

Someday,in the Homeowner's Backyard........

Peashooter : "He has not come home?"

Tall-nut : "Yes..."

Cabbage-pult : "I want to hear he's story about trip to Eroupe"

Cattail : "I too...."


Potato Mine : "Hmm....I feel he come!"

Potato Mine's feeling it is true!

Spikerock : "I'm come home!"

Threepeater : "*in unison*Oh,Spikerock come home!"

Starfruit : "Hey,Spikerock!,we want to hear your's story about trip to Eroupe!"

Spikerock : "Yes,but I want rest first"

Peashooter : "Yes,Spikerock!"

An hour later....

Spikerock : "OK,now I tell the story"

Spikerock : "In first day,I go to Paris,France.there I look the amazing Eiffel Tower,I take a photo too*while taking photo"

Threepeater : "Where?,where?.I want to look!"

Starfruit : "I too!"

Peashooter : "I too!"

Cattail : "I too!"

Spikerock : "Whoa!,do not scramble,or it will tear!!!!*While hit all plants except Tall-nut and Potato Mine*

Spikerock : "Then,in second day,I go to Nedherland.There I look many windmills,and Tulips,I take a photo too,but don't scramble again,or I hitting your again and again!!!!*while taking photo*"

Tall-nut and Potato Mine : "Wow,there so many HUGE windmills,and a lot of beautiful Tulips!*While looking the photo*"

Spikerock : "Then,in third day,I go to Rome,Italy.There I look Amazing Leaning tower of Pisa!,I take a photo too!*while taking photo*

Cattail : "What?!,the tower is leaning!?"

Spikerock : "Then,in last day,I go to Greece.There I look Collosseum,I take photo too!"*while taking the photo"

Peashooter : "Wow!,so that Collosseum is like ancient stadium"

Starfruit : "If we can trip to Europe like you....."

Spikerock : "Relax,I bought the ticket,friends!*gave a flyer to he's friends,except Tall-nut,Cattail,and Potato Mine*"

Peashooter,Threepeater,and Starfruit : "Spikerock!,you little*lots of bleeps!*!!!!!!!*while pursuing Spikerock with anger*"

Cattail : "..........*look the flyer*"

Tall-nut : "Why their?"

Cattail : "Read this!"

Tall-nut and Potato Mine : "........*look the flyer*"

Potato Mine : "It's a $ bilion check!!!!!!"

Cattail,Tall-nut,and Potato Mine : "Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*laugh very loudly*"

The end

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