These are plants that are received in Pool levels in Adventure Mode rating in my version:

1. Lily Pad: 10/10

Extremly important in Pool and Fog levels because they're cheap, and allows other non-aquatic plants to planted on top on them.

2. Squash: 8,5/10

Very useful because they're cheap, and recharge faster than most explosive plants. But, their range and their Area-of-Effect is short.

3. Threepeater: 7,5/10

Can shoot a pea in three rows. So useful in Unsodded (hidden Mini-game). But, they're expensive.

4. Tangle Kelp: 8,5/10

Cheap, and can kill Dolphin Rider Zombies without allowing them to jump and Snorkel Zombies without needing them to surface. But, can only kill a single zombie and recharge slowly.

5. Jalapeno: 8,5/10

Can kill all zombies in a row (except Gargantuar and Giga-Gargantuar), and can melt Zomboni's ice trail. But, they're expensive and recharge very slowly.

6. Spikeweed: 8,5/10

Instantly kill Zombonis and Catapult Zombies, deal some damage to all zombies that step on it and can be upgraded into a Spikerock. But, instantly killed when killing Zombonis and Catapult Zombies, and you need two to kill a normal Zombie.

7. Torchwood: 7/10

Turn peas that pass through it into a fireball that deal double damage and have a small splash damage. But, expensive, take up space, negates the Frozen peas and fireball thaw frozen zombies.

8. Tall-nut: 8/10

His toughness is stronger than Wall-nut, can't be jumped over by Pole Vaulting Zombies, Dolphin Rider Zombies and Pogo Zombies. But, they're expensive, recharge slowly and can stolen by Bungee Zombies.

Fog received plants rating COMING SOON!!!