These are plants that are received in Night levels in Adventure Mode rating in my version :

1. Puff-shroom: 5,5/10

Good to build defense in the beginning because they're FREE. But, later, they're useless because they have a short range.

2.Sun-shroom : 9/10

Very effective at night because they produce sun slightly faster and cheaper than Sunflower. But, they only produce small sun at first and their time to grow mature is too long.

3.Fume-shroom : 8/10

Can deal damage to all zombies in the fume cloud, penetrate shields and can upgrade into a Gloom-shroom. But, can only deal one damage per shot and expensive.

4.Grave Buster : 8/10

Can destroy graves to make room for other plants. But, when destroying graves, they're vulnerable and take a long time to destroy graves.

5.Hypno-shroom : 7,5/10

Very useful to hypnotize a Football Zombie, Jack-in-the-Box Zombie and Dancing Zombie. But, can't hypnotize Zombonis,Gargantuars and Giga-Gargantuars (because they simply smash it) and recharge slowly.

6.Scaredy-shroom : 5,5/10

This mushroom is like Peashooter because it has a long range and cheaper than Peashooter. But, can be scared by zombies. Unfortunately, if they're scared, they stop shooting and will be eaten at the same rate as other plants.

7.Ice-shroom : 8,5/10

Can freeze all zombies on the screen completely in their place. But, expensive, can be used only once and recharge very slowly.

8.Doom-shroom : 9/10

Very helpful in Survival: Hard and Endless because they easily destroy one huge wave of zombies. But, they leaves a crater, expensive and recharge very slowly.

Pool received plants rating COMING SOON!!