These are plants that are received in day levels Adventure Mode rating in my version :

1.Peashooter : 5,5/10

Good to build defense in beginning.But, later useless because only deal small damage.

2.Sunflower : 8/10

Extremly important in day because produce sun,but too expensive in night.In night levels better use Sun-shroom instead.

3.Cherry Bomb : 7,5/10

Can used for emergency,but,have smaller radius and more expensive than Doom-shroom in night.

4.Wall-nut : 7/10

Good to used for block zombies and Peashooter Zombies and Gatling Pea Zombies's pea in Zombotany.But, his toughness is lower than Tall-nut and can be jumped over by Pole Vaulting Zombies,Dolphin Rider Zombies,and Pogo Zombies

5.Potato Mine : 6,5/10

Very effective in Bobsled Bonanza,because can kill all Zombie Bobsled Teams,if armed and planted next to the ice, Digger Zombies ,and Gargantuar.However,the long arming delay make them hard to use.

6.Snow Pea : 8,5/10

Can slow down zombies.But,expensive,can't slow down Newspaper Zombies,Screen Door Zombies,and Ladder Zombies until their shield is removed,and can only slow single zombie (unlike Winter Melon).

7.Chomper : 6/10

Can devour Zombie Bobsled Teams and Zombonis whole.But,can only bite Gargantuar and Giga-Gargantuar that deal little damage and take long time to chew.

8.Repeater : 8,/10

This is two Peashooter that's compressed, so effective to save space,and can upgrade into Gatling Pea. But,expensive,and nothing that special.

Night received plants rating COMING SOON!!!