I have imagination plants!,that have special power and ability.So,if your have imagination,talk me in comment!

These plants are:

1.Doom Potato

an upgrade of Potato Mine that arm himself only in 3 second and the explosion radius is similar of the Doom-shroom.Unfortunately,that explosion make a crater like Doom-shroom.Only,the earth heals itself much longer than Doom-shroom 's crater.

Recharge : Very Slow

Cost  : 325 + 25 = 350 Sun ($25.000)

Almanac  : Many people wonder why Doom Potato 's arm time is much shorter than Potato Mine. Doom Potato Saying : "I 's arm time much shorter than Potato Mine because he is too stupid to notice the zombies had come!!"


an upgrade of Scaredy-shroom that can't scared,shot powerful spore that can deal extra damage to iron object(bucket,ladder.screen door)and Gargantuars,but,he shot slowly (one shot each 5 second)

Recharge : Very Slow

Cost  : 75 + 25 = 100 Sun ($5.000)

Almanac  : He is tough,curious,and seriously.But,he did it for his wife and son.And he have secret : he VERY AFRAID of the sun.


a mushroom that have missile launcher that shoot 4 little but deadly missile (made in spore). Each missile make MASSIVE damage,have homing ability.Unfortunately,he attack rate is very slow ( 4 missile each 15 second)

Recharge : Slow

Cost  : 650 Sun ( Wow!! VERY EXPENSIVE!!!!)

Almanac  : He is strongest and youngest soldier of the Musroom Army.But he is easily getting sick because he is tired for lift the heavy missile lancher and often scolded his wife.

3 More plants COMING SOON!!!!