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    These are plants that are received in Pool levels in Adventure Mode rating in my version:

    1. Lily Pad: 10/10

    Extremly important in Pool and Fog levels because they're cheap, and allows other non-aquatic plants to planted on top on them.

    2. Squash: 8,5/10

    Very useful because they're cheap, and recharge faster than most explosive plants. But, their range and their Area-of-Effect is short.

    3. Threepeater: 7,5/10

    Can shoot a pea in three rows. So useful in Unsodded (hidden Mini-game). But, they're expensive.

    4. Tangle Kelp: 8,5/10

    Cheap, and can kill Dolphin Rider Zombies without allowing them to jump and Snorkel Zombies without needing them to surface. But, can only kill a single zombie and recharge slowly.

    5. Jalapeno: 8,5/10

    Can kill all zombies in a…

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    These are plants that are received in Night levels in Adventure Mode rating in my version :

    1. Puff-shroom: 5,5/10

    Good to build defense in the beginning because they're FREE. But, later, they're useless because they have a short range.

    2.Sun-shroom : 9/10

    Very effective at night because they produce sun slightly faster and cheaper than Sunflower. But, they only produce small sun at first and their time to grow mature is too long.

    3.Fume-shroom : 8/10

    Can deal damage to all zombies in the fume cloud, penetrate shields and can upgrade into a Gloom-shroom. But, can only deal one damage per shot and expensive.

    4.Grave Buster : 8/10

    Can destroy graves to make room for other plants. But, when destroying graves, they're vulnerable and take a long time t…

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    These are plants that are received in day levels Adventure Mode rating in my version :

    1.Peashooter : 5,5/10

    Good to build defense in beginning.But, later useless because only deal small damage.

    2.Sunflower : 8/10

    Extremly important in day because produce sun,but too expensive in night.In night levels better use Sun-shroom instead.

    3.Cherry Bomb : 7,5/10

    Can used for emergency,but,have smaller radius and more expensive than Doom-shroom in night.

    4.Wall-nut : 7/10

    Good to used for block zombies and Peashooter Zombies and Gatling Pea Zombies's pea in Zombotany.But, his toughness is lower than Tall-nut and can be jumped over by Pole Vaulting Zombies,Dolphin Rider Zombies,and Pogo Zombies

    5.Potato Mine : 6,5/10

    Very effective in Bobsled Bonanza,because …

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    Someday,in the Homeowner's Backyard........

    Peashooter : "He has not come home?"

    Tall-nut : "Yes..."

    Cabbage-pult : "I want to hear he's story about trip to Eroupe"

    Cattail : "I too...."


    Potato Mine : "Hmm....I feel he come!"

    Potato Mine's feeling it is true!

    Spikerock : "I'm come home!"

    Threepeater : "*in unison*Oh,Spikerock come home!"

    Starfruit : "Hey,Spikerock!,we want to hear your's story about trip to Eroupe!"

    Spikerock : "Yes,but I want rest first"

    Peashooter : "Yes,Spikerock!"

    An hour later....

    Spikerock : "OK,now I tell the story"

    Spikerock : "In first day,I go to Paris,France.there I look the amazing Eiffel Tower,I take a photo too*while taking photo"

    Threepeater : "Where?,where?.I want to look!"

    Starfruit : "I too!"

    Peashooter : "I …

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    Imagination Plants 1

    September 22, 2012 by Unknown People

    I have imagination plants!,that have special power and ability.So,if your have imagination,talk me in comment!

    These plants are:

    1.Doom Potato

    an upgrade of Potato Mine that arm himself only in 3 second and the explosion radius is similar of the Doom-shroom.Unfortunately,that explosion make a crater like Doom-shroom.Only,the earth heals itself much longer than Doom-shroom 's crater.

    Recharge : Very Slow

    Cost  : 325 + 25 = 350 Sun ($25.000)

    Almanac  : Many people wonder why Doom Potato 's arm time is much shorter than Potato Mine. Doom Potato Saying : "I 's arm time much shorter than Potato Mine because he is too stupid to notice the zombies had come!!"


    an upgrade of Scaredy-shroom that can't scared,shot powerful spore that ca…

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