Poison Oak

Fires leaves that do poison damage (armor doesn't matter)

Plant Food: For a short time, any plant projectile (not just peas) that goes through it becomes poisonous (like the Torchwood)


If it gets attacked by a Zombie, it explodes (Like a non-instant Cherry Bomb)

Plant Food: It Explodes, launching two Pomegrenades in two open spaces


This plant is harmless towards all Zombies, but if a Gargantuar walks down its lane, it explodes, instakilling all Gargantuars in its lane

Desert Pea

Not sure what it should do


Pretty much an American Heavenly Peach (plus it sprays damaging lemon juice at Zombies)

Magic Mushroom

Any Zombie that eats it, transforms into a Peashooter or Wallnut

Primordial Soup Chef: A Large Zombie wearing a loincloth and ragged chef's hat, carrying a large brutish looking pot in one hand and a ladel in the other

Using his ladel, he chucks dollaps of Primordial Soup

Primordial Soup: a small green blob with eyes (Pretty much like the Zombie Chciken or Ice Weasel, only tougher)