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Zombie ideas for the "Lost City" world

Aztec zombie( or tribe zombie) Aztec Conehead Aztec Buckethead Aztec Flag Zombie Jaguar Warrior Zombie: Zombie that wears a jaguar pelt and carries a spear. He throws his spear at the first plant closet to him, it acts like a surf board and must be destroyed in order to damage zombies on the same lane Witch Doctor Zombie: wears a large tribal mask and can heal any damaged zombie Chief Zombie: fat zombie that summons Guard Zombies

Spanish Zombie Spanish Conehead Spanish Buckethead Conquistador Zombie: wears a metal helmet and armor, has more health than a knight or a blockhead. Spanish Army Captain: Carries a sword and old fashioned grenades Rat Zombie:(get this) the chicken wrangler and weasel hoarder of the Spanish army. He will be stuck in a barrel full of diseased rats. Unlike his fellow bretherens, his barrel can take a lot of punishment before breaking

Aztec zombies like the doctor and chief are only fought with other Aztec zombies. They will never appear in a level with Spanish zombies( unless in the endless zone. Temple of Death)

So what do you guy think?

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