World: Industrial Revolution

Levels: 40

Music: can have the sounds of metal clacking against each other, sirens going off

Plants: Cactus

       Tomatoil: little red tomato that shoots oil and can make zombies slip and fall
       Fume shroom
       Anti Air Pickle: plant that shoots down flying enemies

Zombies: Worker Zombie and it's 3 variants

       Wheel Zombie: pushes a large wheel and will roll it towards plants, cacti can p the tires. Creeper speed, 18.5 hp
       Remote Control Zombie: Zombie that carries a little remote control and flies a little plane that bombs plants. Creeper speed, 9.25 ( once his arm falls off,the plane crashes and he slowly walk to the players house)
      Steampunk Zombie: wears a mechanical metal suit, Hungry speed, 129.25
       Blueprint Zombie: carries a blueprint and when it's destroyed it will quickly move towards the house. Hungry speed, 20.25
       49er Zombie: Zombie that carries dynamite and will throw it at plants, basic speed, 9.25
       Gunner Zombie: pushes a Maxim Gun on the lawn and fires at plants. Creeper speed, 55.25
       Gargantuar Engineer: carries a large wrench
       imp assistant: just a worker styled imp
       Zombot Oil Spiller: the boss

Most of these zombies except the steampunk and 49er zombies can be degraded into a normal zombie