Survive the Storm would be a level in Ice Age. It would be level 20.

The Plants you would get are: D6bJinA Flaming PeaHD Light Bulb Freeze ShroomHD Ice Cannon2 Iceberg Nut1 BloverHD

The Zombies that would come are: Snowball Thrower Zombie Parka Buckethead1 Parka ConeHead1 Parka Zombie1 Ice Skater Zombie1

It's pretty much a Locked and Loaded level.

What happens is that Every few minutes a storm comes and it freezes all the plants. Then you use Light Bulb to unfreeze the plants, then use Blover to blow away the storm. Even the zombies freeze in the storm but the Light Bulb can't unfreeze those guys. Then it would be a normal level again, then a storm. It's 4 waves. I think this is a pretty cool idea.

Bamboo Plant WHACKA WHACKA BOOM BOOM Bamboo Plant 18:53, April 14, 2014 (UTC)