Hi everyone! Me and Starfruity are creating a world for PVZ 2 Called Ice Age! Heres what we have so far:

Day 1: Light Bulb

Day 2: Coins

Day 3: Coins

Day 4: Freeze Shroom (not ice shroom. WinterMagnet came up with it)

Day 5: Coins

Day 6: Flaming Pea

Day 7: Thing before Gargantuar Battle

Day 8: World Key

Day 9: Ice Cannon (wintermagnet came up with it)

Day 10: New Costume

Day 11: Freeze Flower

Day 12: Extra Seed Packet

Day 13: Iceberg Nut (WinterMagnet came up with it)

Day 14: Coins

Day 15: New costume

Day 16: Sun Magnet

Day 17: Coins

Day 18: Chilly Pepper

Day 19: Coins

Day 20: Extra Plant Food

Day 21: New costume

Day 22: Coins

Day 23: New costume

Day 24: Ice Queen Pea

Plants you earn

HD Plants

Plant Food

Light Bulb: None

Freeze Shroom: Creates huge ice puff

Flaming Pea: Shoots a ton of Fire Peas, then one huge one

Ice Cannon: Shoots a ton of icicles that freeze every zombie on screen

Freeze Flower: Gives 250 worth of ice sun

Iceberg Nut: Gets frozen armor

Sun Magnet: Collects all sun on screen

Chilly Pepper: None

Ice Queen Pea: Shoots 5 giant ice peas


Parka Zombie: Regular parka-freezing zombie. Toughness: Average. Speed: Basic.

Conehead Parka Zombie: His icy cone makes him twice as tough as regular Parka Zombie. Toughness: Protected. Speed: Basic.

Buckethead Parka Zombie: His frozen bucket greatly protects him from damage. Toughness: Hardened. Speed: Basic.

Flag Parka Zombie: Marks the arrival of a frozen "wave" of zombies. Toughness: Average. Speed: Hungry.

Ice Block Zombie: The ice block protects the zombie within and allows him to freeze plants. Toughness: Machined. Speed: Creeper, then Basic (after losing his ice block). Special: Sometimes freezes plants when eating them.

Barrel Zombie: His barrel protects him from getting damaged. Toughness: Protected. Speed: Creeper, then Fast (after losing barrel). Special: has a barrel to protect himself.

Zomboni: Zomboni leaves a path of ice that can make zombies slip and fall (Zomboni doesn't know this). Can also crush plants. Toughness: Hardened. Speed: Slow.

Ice Skater Zombie: Can slide past ice and not fall. Toughness: Average. Speed: Basic (Fast on ice). Special: Can slide past ice without falling.

Parka Imp: Gets thrown past defenses (sometimes seen riding the yeti zombie). Speed: Hungry. Special: Gets thrown past defenses.

Parka Gargantuar: The icy Gargantuar from the icy times. Speed: Basic Special: Smashes plants with Mammoth Tusk.

Snowball Thrower Zombie: Throws snowballs at plants to freeze them. Speed: Slow Special: Throws snowballs at plants to freeze them.

Zombot Frostbiter: The seed slicing ski mobile from the snowy, barren lands

What the Zombies Look Like

I'd like to thank IMCR8Z For typing this up

What the plants do

Light Bulb: Unfreezes Plants from the cold.

Freeze Shroom: Like puff from but shoots frozen puffs that slow down zombies PERMENANTLY. 

Flaming Pea: Shoots powerful flaming peas

Ice Cannon: Tap it to shoot a blast of ice that freezes zombies in front of it. Has a 5 second cooldown

Freeze Flower: Gives you ice sun that is used for freezing zombies

Iceberg Nut: Freezes any zombie eating it. Once it is fully eaten the zombie gets too cold so it dies

Sun Magnet: Collects 1 sun for you so you don't have to tap it.

Chilly Pepper: Freezes all zombies in a row

Ice Queen Pea: Shoots 2 powerful ice peas.

Prices of plants

Light Bulb: 50 sun

Freeze Shroom: 100 sun

Flaming Pea: 150 sun

Ice Cannon: 350 sun

Freeze Flower: 125 sun

Iceberg Nut: 150 sun

Sun Magnet: 125 sun

Chilly Pepper: 100 sun

Ice Queen Pea: 300 sun

(Yes there is 9 plants. I get it :P)


Plants vs04:00

Plants vs. Zombies On the Roof (Remix)-0

Main Theme

BraniacManiac 2nd Remix Plants VS04:53

BraniacManiac 2nd Remix Plants VS. Zombies

Ultimate Battle

About Ice Age

Now i'll tell you about ice age.

So anyway, The main area is on a Mountain with Snow. Dave lives in a Igloo for this time. There is ice on some tiles. Ice can make zombies slip and fall. Yet.. Plants get really really cold so on Day 1 you get a plant called Light Bulb. It unfreezes plants and you can wait until half of the level is done. Then they get cold again. When plants are frozen they can't move. You can use plant food on them to make them unfrozen too! It sounds so cool.
Ice Age Promo

The promo :D

So thats all i actually have right now! When more is added i'll tell you. Bye!

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