Ice Age
Head back to the frozen tundras of 8000 BCE! Cool off near the ice sheets, but watch out for not-so-cool Zombies heading down the mountains!
Access 49 New Items!
+36 Levels! (+18 Day Levels and 18 Night Levels!)
+9  Plants!
+1  Challenge Zone!
+2  Boss Battles!
+1  Upgrade!

Fire Shroom - Cost: 75 sun - Recharge: Sluggish - Special: Thaws out any ice armor a zombie may have. Entry: Fire Shroom likes to stay near the action. Hes always on top of his work. You might say he is on FIRE. No Plant Food effect. Awarded on Day 1.
Frozen Flower - Cost: 100 sun - Recharge: Mediocre - Special: Produces sun very slowly, but it can shoot small ice shards at zombies. Entry: Frozen Flower likes to play in the cold. She feels like the warmth is too much for her. You can't really argue with her opinions, since there aren't any others to have. Plant Food effect: Shoots 25 shards and produces 100 sun. Awarded on Day 4.
Bonslapper - Cost: 125 sun - Recharge: Fast - Damage Details: Heavy slow slaps that send the zombies backwards. Entry: Bonslapper is good friends with Bonk Choy. Everyday they talk about how hard to hit a zombie and what tactics to use while fighting. Plant Food effect: Sends zombies back to front of the lane and deals 100 damage to all zombies. Awarded on Day 9.
Blankarrot - Cost: 25 sun - Recharge: Fast - Special: Covers regular plants (not from Ice Age) and warms them up on a 2x5 grid. Entry: Blankarrot is not a wet blanket. Plant Food effect: Warms the entire lawn up and thaws out any frozen plants. Awarded Day 11.
Cucumikaze - Cost: 350 sun - Recharge: Mediocre - Special: Sends large guided cucumbers after zombies that deal 45 damage. Entry: Every day, Every night, Cucumikaze puts up a boom bang bippy fight! Plant Food effect: Sends 10 cucumbers after zombies dealing 75 damage each. Awarded on Day 13.
Eggtank - Cost: 450 sun - Recharge: Very Slow - Special: Sends eggplant bombs that stick to zombies and explode. If eggtank is eaten, it self-destructs. Entry: Eggtank is overpowered. This isnt new news to anyone but believe it or not, Eggtank actually really wants to be underpowered. Plant Food Effect: Spawns 3 mini Eggtanks that self-destruct near zombies. Awarded on Day 14.
Plantern - Cost: 75 sun - Recharge: Sluggish - Special: Lights up the the area on 3x3 grid and makes the lawn visible. Entry:  He is a bright light, shining brighter than others and even eclipsing some. That should be impossible... Shouldn't it? Plant Food effect: Lights the entire grid. Awarded on Night 1.
Straw-bear-y - Cost: 125 sun - Recharge: Fast - Damage Details: Shoots rapid-fire seeds at zombies that deal small damage. Entry: Strawbeary cant BEAR it anymore. He hates to give the BARE facts to the others, but he really is not a black bear. Plant Food effect: Shoots lots of seeds after zombies and one GIANT seed. Awarded on Night 5.
Pumpkin - Cost: 125 sun - Recharge: Mediocre - Special: Protects other plants and allow for them to be planted inside. Entry: So, what? You're probably gonna say "HE'S BACK!!!!!". Some might so "NO WAY". But really? Someone had to go out and so any zombie near him were PIE-D. Plant Food effect: Turns into a Jack-O-Lantern and activates the inside plant's Plant Food effect. Awarded on Night 11.

Special Effects:
Constant snowstorms and blinding weather. Plants AND Zombies may be frozen at points or unable to see the grid.
Ice tiles may also appear that make it impossible for plants to be put down.
Use fire plants in order to melt them and place lilypads on top of the water to plant plants.
During the night levels, the storms are much stronger making things harder to see.

Plant Food Discovery: 5% chance of a boosted plant on planting (one-time).

Regular Wooly Zombie: Basic Ice Age Zombie. Defense: Basic. Speed: Basic. Entry: He is cold, so he wears wool. Practical. Appears Day 1.  
Tusk-Conehead Wooly Zombie: Armored Ice Age Zombie. Defense: Protected. Speed: Basic. Entry: His trusty tusk is terrifying to twenty thousand, three hundred and 10 types of thistles. Appears Day 1.
Tusk-Buckethead Wooly Zombie: Heavily Armored Ice Age Zombie. Defense: Heavy. Speed: Basic Entry: His bucket is surely the heaviest in all of the lands and that's probably why he gets so many headaches. Appears Day 2.
Ice Skater Zombie: Defense: Protected. Speed: Fast. Special: Skates across the snow and attacks plants with it's sharp skates. Entry: Have you heard? Ice Skater Zombie has won awards for great performances such as Brains Olympics, B.R.A.I.N.S.K.A.T.E.S and many more! Check out his amazing awards at nowhere! Appears Day 2.
Bobsled Team: Defense: Zombies: Basic. Bobsled: Dense. Speed: Creeper. Special: 1 regular zombie and 2 imps are protected by a bobsled that moves towards the plants quickly. Entry: This team is always fighting over everything including brains, brains, brain soup servings and pens. Appears Day 7.
Bobsled Zombie: Defense: Basic. Speed: Basic. Entry: As head of the B.R.A.I.M: The Bobsled Reunion of Amazing Imps and Men, everyone always questions why couldnt a single word be changed. Appears Day 7.
Bobsled Imps: Defense: Basic. Speed: Basic. Entry: HEHEHEHEHEHEHE, Says Bobsled Imp. There's nothing to say here that hasn't been said in the past of the future. Appears Day 7.
Ice Cutter Zombie: Defense: Basic. Speed: Fast. Special: Cuts from underneath ice and can start running towards your plants. Entry: Shrrrt. Shrrrt. It's all Ice Cutter Zombie hears and will ever hear from his saws. Appears Day 12.
Ice Block Zombie: Defense: Dense. Speed: Basic. Weakness: Ice Armor can be melted by fire plants. Special: Ice Block Zombie is protected by it's ice block. Entry: Ever since the Ice Block Zombie got his job, he longs for a cup of hot cocoa, some pillows and a bed. Appears Night 1.
Caveman Gargantuar: Defense: Giant. Speed: Fast. Special: Launches Imp when damaged. Smashes plants with it's ice block. Entry: The official HEAD Gargantuar. So many have tried to stop it in order to make sure it cannot make any offspring. Too late, he has found a really nice girl. Appears Night 8.
Caveman Imp: Defense: Basic. Speed: Basic. Entry: Caveman Imp wonders how there can be somebody that looks just like him, with a red suit. But he is never one to question logic since he always flunked school. Appears Day 10.
Zomboss Zamboni Zixthousand: Defense: Undying. Speed: Fast. Entry: The coldest personality comes from the most maniacal and mechanical man in the mundane level of madness and monstrosities. His frozen fear flinger is truly a trope to tangle with, yet sometimes he wishes he was even COLDER than he is. Appears only on Night 18.

Challenge Zone: Frozen in Fear (Night 3)
Exclusive in this Challenge Zone, this Zone contains the main theme in the song mix for each level.
The player begins with Frozen Flower, Peashooter, Wall-nut and Blankarrot.

Boss Battles:
On Day 16, the player will face off against a Yeti Boss. The boss will have abilities similar to the Garden Warfare Yeti, but it will have only have of Zomboss's usual health (Undying).
On Night 18, the player will fight Zomboss Zamboni Zixthousand.
Although not a boss battle, Gargantuars will appear on Night 8, rather than Day 16 as that day is taken up by the Yeti Boss. 

The world exclusive attack is SNOWSTORM!!!

Note: This IS a project I am working on with family, but if you would like to help (Musicians, Artists or Coders), Contact me at (Let me know if the email is not working.)