• ToonsterDandy

    Ice Age
    Head back to the frozen tundras of 8000 BCE! Cool off near the ice sheets, but watch out for not-so-cool Zombies heading down the mountains!
    Access 49 New Items!
    +36 Levels! (+18 Day Levels and 18 Night Levels!)
    +9  Plants!
    +1  Challenge Zone!
    +2  Boss Battles!
    +1  Upgrade!

    Fire Shroom - Cost: 75 sun - Recharge: Sluggish - Special: Thaws out any ice armor a zombie may have. Entry: Fire Shroom likes to stay near the action. Hes always on top of his work. You might say he is on FIRE. No Plant Food effect. Awarded on Day 1.
    Frozen Flower - Cost: 100 sun - Recharge: Mediocre - Special: Produces sun very slowly, but it can shoot small ice shards at zombies. Entry: Frozen Flower likes to play in the cold. She feels like t…

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