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September 9, 2014
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  • Tomtomdevil

    This is a guide to Arthur's Challenge. This is recommended for levels around level 30+. This is a really good strategy if you follow my way of doing it. 

    Pick all of the plant cards first and then use sun cards, power-ups, or plant food. If you lost a lawn mower, pick it instead.




    Magnet-Shroom (if there are kings, bucketheads, or knights, otherwise Winter Melon) 

    Grave Buster

    Cherry Bomb

    Infi-Nut or Tallnut

    Power Lily, Imitater Cherry Bomb, or Chili Bean

    Knight Zombies If there are early knights, use a Magnet-Shroom to weaken his strengthness.

    If you don't have enough sun for a Fume-Shroom place an Infi-Nut to stop him. Soon you will have enough sun for a Fume-Shroom.

    Four flag levels with them are a real pain. Use Ch…

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