aka MC11

  • I live in fire
  • I was born on February 1
  • My occupation is throwing fire cabbages
  • I am a fire cabbage
  • TileTurnipey3000

    So, at first, you have to finish the game to buy it. It costs 5,000 coins.

    Before you get the ToW, you get a menu button that says "Enter Cheat Code". If the code is invalid, it'll say "Invalid Code". You write down the code in the bar that has squiggly lines surrounding it. Before you get the ToW, the only codes you have are "future" and "trickedout".

    No matter what type of case you use, the code works. First, when you get the ToW to 50 height, the ToW says "To celebrate i'm 50 feet tall, put daisies in the menu for Enter Cheat code for zombies to drop daisies when they die!" 

    Under construction!

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  • TileTurnipey3000

    My plant ratings

    September 22, 2014 by TileTurnipey3000

    Peashooter - 0.1/10

    Wow. 1 normal damage shot.

    Sunflower - 10/10

    Most important plant in the game.

    Snow Pea - 5/10

    Opposite of my favorite element, other than that, great plant!

    Repeater - 0.2/10

    Just a double Peashooter.

    Squash - 9.9/10

    It's an instant kill, but it isn't the whole lane...

    (Work in progress)

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