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  • Tiger03

    So basically, this is just thing I've come up with to make it possible to have new worlds in PvZ2.

    So to start off, when you click the rift after Modern Day, it will take you to Player's House again, where Penny will try to tell Crazy Dave that the taco with a waffle in it has a poison that will make the one eating it forget things, but Penny never finishes the sentence as Crazy Dave eats the taco with a waffle in it.

    After that, the Player will be welcomed to three new worlds (as PvZ2 originally started out with three worlds, with many more to come in the future.

    Shortly I will be making concepts on those worlds, I've come up with a few ideas in my head that I'm soon going to publish.

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  • Tiger03

    Merry christmas!

    December 25, 2014 by Tiger03

    Merry christmas everybody here on Plants vs. Zombies Wiki! I hope all of you have an awesome day!

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  • Tiger03

    'Not ' f'ully 'done yet.

    This is an idea for Ancient Greece:

    World Elements: Pillars: Pillars will appear on random tiles. They block you from planting plants there. Zombies and plants ignore them, so they can't be destroyed.

    New Plants: (Yes, many AS plants)

    Venus Flytrap


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  • Tiger03

    PvZ2 World idea: World War

    August 10, 2014 by Tiger03

    This is an idea for world war:

    World elements: Mines: They act like tombs, except if a zombie steps on one, it will blow up dealing an instant kill of damage to both plants and zombies in that tile. Note: Grave Busters work on them.

    New Plants: 

    Gatling Pea

    Bamboo shoot



    Umbrella leaf


    Original Zombies:

    Soldier Zombie

    Conehead Soldier

    Buckethead Soldier

    Flag Soldier

    Colonel Gargantuar

    Imp Trooper

    New Zombies:

    Gunner Zombie

    General Zombie

    Medic Zombie

    Zombie Tank

    Zombie Plane

    Parachute Zombie



    Gatling: Shoots four peas like in PvZ1.

    PF : Shoots 60 peas in four directions like bloom PF, then charges up and shoots three giant peas in three lanes.

    Bamboo: Shoots bamboo shells in a 5x5 range, which does 5 NDS with a splash of 1.5 ND…

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  • Tiger03


    July 9, 2014 by Tiger03

    Hi guys! Im Tiger03, but you can call me Tiger. I've just started on this wiki, and its gonna be exciting to learn, edit and do things on this wiki!

    I might need help for things, so pls help me then.

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