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Double sorry

Well, yes. I want to say sorry twice. I actually tried to forget about it, and it worked. But someone reminded me about it.

1. Sorry for adding those fan arts. I feel really stupid that I never said sorry about it. I admit, yes, I did not read the rules. It's my own fault. The reason why I kept adding them is because I was blind. Somehow, I didn't notice the "you have a new message" button. Only after a few minutes I found my talk page, and then saw everything. Believe me or not, I don't care. I'm saying the thruth. 

2. Sorry for cheating edits. Yes, I was cheating them to get badges. I feel really bad for doing that. Now I realized that badges are not everything. Badges are useful to check mainspace edits, that's all I got to say about them. Now, I don't just edit to get badges, I edit because I want to help the wiki.

Well, I guess this is it. Again, sorry about that. Hopefully at least some people will forgive me. Thanks for reading. --TULO 15:33, September 4, 2015 (UTC)

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