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March 24, 2015
  • I live in Lithuania
  • I was born on September 11
  • My occupation is being a Dragon Ball fanboi
  • I am male
  • ThisUserLikesOreo


    September 13, 2016 by ThisUserLikesOreo

    This day finally came! Me and EP finally decided to do this; we are going to demote ourselves. And I have a bunch of reasons for my demotion:

    • I don't play any of the PvZ game anymore, nor I have any interest in playing them.
    • People in this wiki became so annoying over the past few months...
      • Also, people are being sensitive over the smallest things. That is the worst.
        • Also, dramas. F**k them.
    • There's only two people in this who are my good friends: and . Besides that, I mostly speak with them not in this wiki.
    • Everyone’s attention is now only on PvZH and discord, and I hate both of those pieces of crap.

    I'm still going to visit this wiki occasionally just to make some edits. I probably won't come to chat or forums anymore, but who knows. So, goodby…

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  • ThisUserLikesOreo

    Hehehe. I was the second one who reached 30k edits. >:P Anyways, I finally did it! Did it in one year, two months, and twelve days, if I'm correct.

    Since it's summer, go and listen to one of my summer jams.

    Maybe this one? Or this one? Oh, this one? Dis 1. This one! Meh, this one. Nah, this one! Wait, this one! How about this one? This one should work.

    Definitely didn't steal the template code from .

    Anyways, hooray again!

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  • ThisUserLikesOreo

    We actually had a vote about this, but it lost. I made this just for fun.Promotion dates are used at that point, when the user got his highest position. Demotion dates are used at that point, when the user has no rights left, unless that user is still active with other rights. Wikia staff, founders, and bots are not included.

    • - Promoted on December 1, 2009 and demoted on April 22, 2016 due to inactivity.
    • - Promoted on November 12, 2010 and demoted on April 22, 2016 due to inactivity.
    • - Promoted on September 21, 2012 and demoted on May 25, 2016 due to inactivity.
    • - Promoted on December 12, 2011 and demoted on April 22, 2016 due to inactivity. Account is disabled.
    • - Promoted on September 2, 2012 and demoted on February 23, 2014.
    • - Promoted on Jul…

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  • ThisUserLikesOreo

    Okay, so there's many many opinions in this wiki all around, but some of them make literally no sense. I don't even understand how can people think like that. The biggest strife is between me and IG Gaming + Maramok= Awesome. Our minds like the opposite of each other. I've also heard that he also can't find between him and . Now, IG Gaming's thinking got over my nerves so much... I even decided to make a blog because of this crap?!

    Firstly, that user completely disagrees with demoting staff members. He makes such a big tragedy about it. Seriously, what's so bad with demoting a staff member? If they're inactive, they won't benefit to our wiki anymore. They also can get their rights whenever they want. Sure, we need to keep the honorable ones…

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  • ThisUserLikesOreo

    Alright scrubs. So, Hello. As you see from the title, today is my one year anniversary, or like some of the people call it, wikiversary. I'm happy that I stayed here, since my start here was quite the misery. I feel better now, but there's still crazy and bad kids who are ruining my peace. I've seen a lot here, and I must say that this wiki is quite fancy. I had so many moments here, some of them were fantastic, others made me pull my hair. But I had to work and don't give up, even if there was any problems. And it was worth it. Sometimes I'm still feeling like not myself, but I can handle it.

    So many things happened during my first year in this wiki. Being here made my life much better. I started listening to many songs, which lighten my da…

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