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    A long time ago, people actually focused on important things. Deep within there were two cancer cells: fun & games and roleplaying. They were harmless at first, but then started growing bigger, as there was lack of care and certain people did actions which increased the growth of those cells. The cells started to infect a certain group of people, discussion moderators.

    Recently, those cancer cells infected another part of the wiki, blogs. It bringed in cancerous stuff such as "I need attention!" and other pointless blogs.

    I regret to be a part of the cancer growth. I really freaking wish I didn't create my hill game, which is now filled with random gibberish. The lack of originality in all of those "games" really hurt the wiki itself. The re…

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  • ThisUserLikesOreo

    My activity is going to be halved from what it has been for the past few weeks, and the reason are:

    • School is about to end and somehow they managed to give us a crap ton of work to do there. Like seriously, we never had more stuff to do for the whole year. I also need to take my papers to the new school I'm going to go to next year.
    • I'm starting to hate everything here now again... I felt similarly back in last years August-September, just before leaving. The worst thing now is that some users are really p***ing me off. I also feel like I'm doing like 80% of the work, and that's very exhausting.

    That's pretty much it. School will end on June 2nd, so that's when this probably will end.

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  • ThisUserLikesOreo

    This will be a list of dumb changes Wikia does/did/will do. I'll update this whenever a new stupid change is made, or whenever I remember one of them. If you know any of the changes like this, you can leave a comment below and I may add it.

    • Creation of discussions.
    • Removal of "See more..." button here. This was fixed with the new navigation bar.
    • The fact that you can no longer see deleted replies in forums. Like, why?
    • When they renamed "forum mod" to "discussion mod" and gave them chat mod rights for free. Smh.
    • The addition of the ugly wikia header. Ew.
    • You can no longer see everyone in chat without going to chat. The ultimate troll is when you click the + and instead of showing more people, it just makes you join the chat.
    • Trying to modernize the d…
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  • ThisUserLikesOreo

    Quick update

    April 28, 2017 by ThisUserLikesOreo

    If you haven't noticed, my activity was bad for the past week. Well that was because I was in a hospital, as I had Tonsillitis. Anyways, now I'm back home and I'll become active again.

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  • ThisUserLikesOreo

    Welcome the sixth edition of the unofficial Plants vs. Zombies Wiki News! It was quite a boring month since the last one.

    The 5.9.1 version has been released, adding new ten levels to Far Future and a new Piñata Hunt mode. Also, the 2017 Luck O' The Zombies event starts and a new plant Caulipower has been added. Three days later, higher levels for the plant upgrade system was added.

    It’s luckiness and liveliness in this latest update, with two events: Luck o’ the Zombie, March 13–23, and the Springening, April 4 – 18. Get ready for:

    • Exciting new levels with extra-hungry zombies
    • More ways to earn piñatas and grow your plants
    • Caulipower, the mesmerizing all-new premium plant
    • Zombies dressed in all sorts of silly costumes
    • Additional Epic Quests for …

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