Hello here This is Theqmayn This post is based on : Ranking all plants. But This post is about how annoying/easy a Zombie is. (Not counting ducky tube zombie and dr.zomboss.)

Zombie 10/2 Extremely easy to kill This Zombie also Got Nothing special just an ordinairy zombie.

Flag Zombie 10/8 Well The zombie himself? Just The same as a normal Zombie except Faster and The point why this zombie is so annoying is becuase he sends a huge wage at you.

Conehead Zombie 10/5 Still pretty easy to kill But can be annoying is large groups but later becomes Easy to kill becuase you got better plants.

Pole Vaulting Zombie 10/6 Can be pretty annoying First time in day but later When you get Tall-nut You should'nt focus on This guy

Buckethead Zombie 10/7 Well This is The point where the Zombies are starting to get difficult This first high-health zombie that appears in the game. but when you have magnet-shroom this guy should leave no harm.

Newspaper Zombie 10/4 Very easy to kill. A little annoying when newspaper is destroyed but still pretty easy.

Screen Door Zombie 10/6 Pretty easy though when you have fume-shroom but can be disturbing against fire/ice plants.

Football Zombie* 10/8 This is a stupid thing to encounter Which is very fast and have high-health You really need something better than a puff/fume/scaredy shroom to clear this.

Dancing Zombie 10/7.5 Well first off all he summon's backup dancer's and He moonwalks on your lawn (which can be annoying becuase he comes far.) But haves less health and is easy to kill. but on survival This Zombie really is a part of the background.

Backup Dancer 10/1 Like The name suggest BACKUP dancers extemely easy to kill weak and very slow.

Snorkel Zombie 10/6 pretty irritating when they are underwater but tangle-kelp take easy cares for this guy.

Zomboni 10/9 Well he's crushes plants haves high health and leave an ice-trail behind which cannot be planted on. can get any worser? WRONG On the ice-trail bobsled zombies appear.

Zombie Bobsled Team 10/2 (each zombie) almost the same like normal zombies but in groups.

Dolphin Rider Zombie 10/8 augghhh an water like pole-vaulting zombie but extremely fast and haves a dolphin.

Jack-in-the-Box Zombie 10/6 pretty easy to kill. gets annoying in survival.

Balloon Zombie 10/5 easy to kill when have cactus but comes a problem when have no balloonzombie-fighting plants.

Digger Zombie 10/8 like a Zombie that wants to go back home by eating your plants from The back. problem? YES.

Pogo Zombie 10/9 The most annoying jump zombie off all tought you where rid of those jumping zombies? wrong an annoying guy reaches your lawn.

Zombie Yeti 10/7 pretty much health though and magnet-shrooms don't work but runs away after a while.

Bungee Zombie 10/7 very stupid zombie like crazy dave said and steals your plants too get a umbrella-leaf.

Ladder Zombie 10/6 easy to kill for me all it does is placing a ladder on your wall-nuts and tall-nuts. Nuff said.

Catapult Zombie 10/9 STUPID kills all your sunflowers mostly by lobbing basketballs at your plants.

Gargantuar* 10/10 WOW what-da??? extremely high health crushes plants haves an imp to trow. well one good thing about this beast he's Extremely slow.

Imp 10/3 easy himself but when a gargantuar trows him far back he will eat all your back-plants and he's fast too.

Trash Can Zombie 10/5 if you are playing multiplayer PvZ on xbox/psn you probably don't really like it when your oppenment chooses this zombie. its like a zombie wall-nut. but Very slow.

Giga Football Zombie 10/10 Pretty stupid if you don't have the full version of PvZ and are too lazy to download an trail. Then you have to encounter a twice as strong football zombie.

Giga-Gargantuar 10/11??? Well that should be his rating even if it could'nt This is a twice as strong gargantuar.