okay this post is about my most favorite zombie's!!!! These arent about how great they are in i zombie but how cool/awesome their looking is and their movement.

1.The dancing zombie (old) Well he looks cool and he dances like Mj and thats the most coolest thing ever!

2.backup dancer (old) I just haves SOOOO cool hair!!!!

3.Disco zombie (Thats how i call The new dancing zombie) Well His glasses are The most coolest thing around!!!! and he dances cool.

4.Jack-in-the box zombie He's just soo funny!!!

5.Giga-football zombie his armor looks cool i really like his spikes.

Okay thats all Nuff said i like dancing zombies very much except:

THE NEW BACKUP DANCER!!!! GOD I LOOKS UGLY........ and the new backup dancers images look awfully edited from those of disco zombie the backup dancer's innerleg upper is tottally painted!!!
Zombie backup innerleg upper

The awfully paint looked innerleg upper of the new backup dancer.

And he just looks ugly himself got a small mustache chops and the worst thing : PINK SHIRT!!!!

sorry i don't hate any zombie of the game except that one.