WOW!!!! HUH???? Looks like hoanganminh made an badge of the snow pea of my High-res PvZ mod.


That snow pea is made by me! yes believe it or not!

Now my question's to hoanganminh are :

1-Why did you take the snow pea from my mod?

2-Why did you do this without my permission? (Not that I hate it but... In fact I like it!)

3-Did you do this to make me more famous???

4-What kind of badge is this? is it a replacement of the snow-pea badge or something???

5-Did you do this becuase you liked my snow-pea???

6-Or did you just made this for your user page???

If you are hoanganminh then plz reply to these awnsers!!!

And of course feel free to comment!