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Melon madness, level 15 dead man's booty

It seems you've seen moon snail's defense, right? Well this is one of mine to survive dead man's booty level 15.

Here are the plants are most needed.

  • twin sunflower (obviously)
  • melon pult
  • iceberg lettuce
  • spring bean ( for early on).
  • kernel pult
  • spikerock
  • winter melon

If you have 8, cherry bomb or potato mine is useful. Chili bean is useless.

Get sun extremely fast. You have 3 or 4 flags. I got 4 plant food since level 1. Save it until you need it the most. Kernel pult , iceberg lettuce, spring bean and spikerocks are needed for early winter and melon pults.

To look at the most powerful defense, look at my profile pic to get a better view.

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