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  • Thepeashooter100

    It seems you've seen moon snail's defense, right? Well this is one of mine to survive dead man's booty level 15.

    Here are the plants are most needed.

    • twin sunflower (obviously)
    • melon pult
    • iceberg lettuce
    • spring bean ( for early on).
    • kernel pult
    • spikerock
    • winter melon

    If you have 8, cherry bomb or potato mine is useful. Chili bean is useless.

    Get sun extremely fast. You have 3 or 4 flags. I got 4 plant food since level 1. Save it until you need it the most. Kernel pult , iceberg lettuce, spring bean and spikerocks are needed for early winter and melon pults.

    To look at the most powerful defense, look at my profile pic to get a better view.

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