This is just a game where you have travel through dimesions to stop dr. Zomboss, and the space zombies, with your help by the dimension travelers: plants that travel through dimensions. There are bonus Dimensions.


The list of dimensions

Super surburbs,

Plantoy kingdom,

Romantic rainstorm,

The great tree,

Lily pond,

Plantae factory,

Music mountainta,

World of Z,

Zomboss' Z castle,

Taco clouds.


Dream Moon,

Plant Plage,

Plantae Party,

Frost Flower,

Dark Dimension.

Returning plants: Peashooter, Sunflower, Wall nut, Potato mine, Bloomerang, Chomper, Lily pad, Cactus, Snow pea, Gatling pea, Tangle kelp, Puff shroom, Cherry bomb, Bonk choy, Reapeater, Sun bean, Melon-pult, Kernel-pult, Coconut cannon, Tile turnip, Fume shroom, Scaredy shroom, Sun shroom, Chilli bean, Spring bean, Laser bean, Power lily, Pea-nut, Spikeweed, Magnet shroom, Iceberg lettuce, Cabbage-pult, Blover, Sea shroom, Tall nut, Winter melon, Snapdragon, E.M. Peach, Twin sunflower, Threepeater, Pea pod, Infinut, Pumpkin, Magnifying grass, Imatater, Plantern, Bowling Bulb, Ghost Pepper, Homing Thistle, Guacodile, Popcorn, Shamrock, Banana Launcher.

Premium: Jalapeño, Doom shroom, Cattail, Citron, Marigold, Torchwood, Starfruit, Squash, Leaf shield (new), Spikerock, Mask Melon (halloween plant), Missletoe (christmas plant).

New plants:

Straw-berry, Seed-stery, Venus, Banboo bow, Apple core, Sugar chain, Keshewmerang, Plance, Astro nut, Robo rose, Thorn rose, Teashooter, Maple pult, Snap a saurus, Plant food-pult, Bloombox, Water gourd, Grass of water, Break wood, Mossy-pult, Tuwhip, Cucumbrella.

More info coming soon.