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Icoolminati confirmed!

  • Hey everyone just to know.... Thediamondtree has 13 letters,right?
  • 10-3=7,
  • There were 7 Diary of a Wimpy Kid books before The Third Wheel came out,
  • Series 3 of Trash Wheels came out in stores,
  • Stores sell products,
  • A few of the products are games,
  • There is upcoming game called: PvZ Garden Warfare 2,
  • Rose in the sequel resembles Redstinger,
  • Redstinger is a plant in Lost City,
  • Lost City has 8 letters,
  • Eight has 5,
  • 8-5=3,
  • Triangles have Three sides,
  • Side is in the word "inside",
  • Inside Out will get released in June 19,
  • June is when Lost City was released,
  • Release the Ice Weasels is a Popcap catchphrase,
  • Ice has three letters,
  • Triangles have three Ends,
  • E is like I,
  • Illuminati starts with I,
  • Illuminati is a triangle,
  • We're talking about triangles and Ice,
  • Ice is a word for cool,
  • Cool means Awesome,
  • Rainbow Dash is Awesome,
  • Rainbow is one of Sunflower's abilities,
  • Sunflowers hang out in the sun,
  • Sun has 3 letters,
  • Three has five,
  • There are five emotions in Inside Out,
  • Anger has five letters,
  • Anger has fire,
  • Fire is the opposite of Ice,
  • There is Ice in Frostbite Caves,
  • The only plant in FC that has an angry face is Chard Guard,
  • Chard Guard has 10 Letters,
  • Illuminati has 10 letters as well
                         ICOOLMINATI CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!

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