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  • Thediamondtree

    Here is where I show ALL of the playable classes.

    First Tier Classes, (Promotion at level 10)

    • Shaman: Masters of the Dark arts, uses Dark Magic, Promotes into Druid.
    • Mage: Like a Shaman but uses Anima Magic instead, uses Anima Magic, promotes into Wizard.
    • Ninja: Members of the Legendary Swordmaster team that specializes crits, uses Swords, promotes into Swordmaster.
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  • Thediamondtree
    • Hey everyone just to know.... Thediamondtree has 13 letters,right?
    • 10-3=7,
    • There were 7 Diary of a Wimpy Kid books before The Third Wheel came out,
    • Series 3 of Trash Wheels came out in stores,
    • Stores sell products,
    • A few of the products are games,
    • There is upcoming game called: PvZ Garden Warfare 2,
    • Rose in the sequel resembles Redstinger,
    • Redstinger is a plant in Lost City,
    • Lost City has 8 letters,
    • Eight has 5,
    • 8-5=3,
    • Triangles have Three sides,
    • Side is in the word "inside",
    • Inside Out will get released in June 19,
    • June is when Lost City was released,
    • Release the Ice Weasels is a Popcap catchphrase,
    • Ice has three letters,
    • Triangles have three Ends,
    • E is like I,
    • Illuminati starts with I,
    • Illuminati is a triangle,
    • We're talking about triangles and Ice,
    • Ice is a w…
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  • Thediamondtree

    This is just a game where you have travel through dimesions to stop dr. Zomboss, and the space zombies, with your help by the dimension travelers: plants that travel through dimensions. There are bonus Dimensions.


    The list of dimensions

    Super surburbs,

    Plantoy kingdom,

    Romantic rainstorm,

    The great tree,

    Lily pond,

    Plantae factory,

    Music mountainta,

    World of Z,

    Zomboss' Z castle,

    Taco clouds.


    Dream Moon,

    Plant Plage,

    Plantae Party,

    Frost Flower,

    Dark Dimension.

    Returning plants: Peashooter, Sunflower, Wall nut, Potato mine, Bloomerang, Chomper, Lily pad, Cactus, Snow pea, Gatling pea, Tangle kelp, Puff shroom, Cherry bomb, Bonk choy, Reapeater, Sun bean, Melon-pult, Kernel-pult, Coconut cannon, Tile turnip, Fume shroom, Scaredy …

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