White Poke (Based on the white oak)

Sun Cost:125

Special:Pokes zombies in front of him doing light damage.

Attack speed:like bonk choy

He is also a AOE plant,so he can attack multiple zombies.

PF:Uses his branch to stab all the zombies in the lane doing 150 damage..

Daffokill (Daffodill)

sun  cost:625 or 675


Special:Shoots Seeds in 8 directions.In a 5x5 area

Shooting Speed:Like peashooter

 PF:Shoots a giant seed in every direction:90 damage each                

Damage:Heavy(Like melon pult)

Laselnut(Hazelnut and laser)

Offence and defence.Shoots lasers that pierce through zombies.Recharge Very slow

Strength:high. Attack Strength:normal

Sun Cost:275

StuckWeed(Spikeweed and stuck)

Lasts for a limited time.All zombies that step on it are stuck there.Recharge:Very slow

PF:Resets his timer and Drags all the zombies in the lane to him.

Sun cost:200   Does not do damage.

Sting Bean

Zombies that eat it are instantly destroyed and any zombie near will be electrecuted.(Doesnt kill them by electrecuting)

Recharge:Slow    Sun cost:75

PF:Creates two other Sting Beans  and electrecutes nearby zombies.

PainApple(Pineapple and pain)

Acts as a wallnut and damages zombies in a 3x3 area.

Strength:high       Attack Strength:normal     Recharge:very slow           Sun cost:175

Twin Marigold:I think its obvious what it does. :/

Sun cost 125  .Recharge:Very slow  PF:Explodes into 75 coins

caulipower(Cauliflower and Power)

Shoots Light projectiles at zombies.25% To shoot a giant projectile that does 10 damage.

Recharge:Fast.   Sun Cost:150      PF:Shoots 10 giant projectiles followed by 20 light ones


Tough-Shroom(Wallnut of the night :D)


PF:gets armor            Recharge:Slow                Sun cost:25


Attack damage:Massive                      Special:Explodes when zombies are near it.

Recharge:slow                            Sun Cost:0

PF:Summons two more.