I am terrible at doing blog post startings, so let's go to the point.


I had an idea that when creating a category, the person creating it needs to ask an admin, that way no spam categories could be created.

Fights about emotes/hyperlinks

This fight is the stupidest thing ever, why the heck are there votes for them!?!? (Says the guy who made a hyperlink color vote thing) People can just ask admins to add emotes and done, no biggy. However, about hyperlinks, for the heck of it, just add them to your CSS.

Too many Forum Moderators

Yah, yah, I'm a forum moderator, too, but still, there are too much of people with that rank, my idea was to change the requirements specifically for forum moderator;

  1. Changing edits needed to 400-700
  2. Changing forum edits needed to 1000
  3. Changing needed support percentage to 70%


I agree with ZombieNinja that the blocks are too harsh, however, even if they're harsh, that way vandals will stop vandalizing the wikia. If we make the blocks too soft, they will come back and continue vandalizing. So, we should keep the block lengths.


This might seem to be a huge problem, however it is NOT, as you know, PvZ is a children's game, and you literally expect everything to be nice and mature on a wikia for a child game? The only time you need to be mature is when wikia management or when you are a staff member, that is a very important time to be mature. This one isn't really a change, but it is to tell staff or other people that being immature isn't the worst case scenario.

And, that are the changes I think we should add, -TCLP