The prettiest Sunflower

aka MCPEnky

  • I live in Bulacan,Philippines
  • I was born on August 4
  • My occupation is a student
  • I am a lover of video games!
  • The prettiest Sunflower

    Answer the following puzzles:

    1.Almost everyone used it.Never in front but always at the back.Sometimes it's planted with 2 rows with it and sometimes with 1 row.Has a twin but appears when only upgraded.Always picked but rarely picked in night and fog levels.Who is it?

    2.It has a single tooth but gives something that you can collect but never gives the most precious stone ever.It has only one color when you are playing,but in Zen Garden it has many colors.Who is it?

    3.It is a tall plant.It always planted in font but never at the back.Has a similar but It's smaller and more circlier than his father.Who is it and his similar?

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  • The prettiest Sunflower

    One sunny day,Gloom-shroom,Coffee Bean and Tall-nut are arguing of who is the most picked one at the roof.

    Gloom-shroom:I'm the most picked one because I shoot spores at different directions!

    Coffee Bean:Hey,I'm the most picked one because Iused to wake up mushrooms and even you!

    Tall-nut:'Hey,I'm the most picked one because I block zombies!

    Gloom-shroom:But you can't stop Zomboni and Balloon Zombie! So I'm the most picked one of all of us'!

    Flower Pot:Shut up! Do you know who is most picked one of all of us? I am! Because Iused to keep all of you in here!

    Therefore,Flower Pot is the most picked one of all of them!

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  • The prettiest Sunflower

    It's Zombie's 1000th birthday! All the zombies are comming to Zombie's house to celebrate his birthday

    zombies:Happy Birthday,Zombie!

    Zombie:Oh,thank you very much,guys! I'm so glad that all of you can make it!

    Conehead Zombie:And we have a gift for you!

    Zombie open the gift.In the gift,he saw a hair dryer that looks like a Peashooter.He thought it was a real Peashooter.


    Conehead Zombie:Relax,dude.It's just a hair dryer.

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