We trid 2 creat a page statin wat we dont like about plantz. It didnt wurk. We tri agan heer. The Zombies 13:34, May 15, 2011 (UTC)

Peashootr: Peas taste bad. We eat dem anyway 2 git 2 ur houze.

Sunflowr: We do or best wurk at nite. Sunflowrs r 2 brite 4 us. We want sunglasis.

Cheri Bom: Sweet taste, but gives us "indejestun." We scared of "powie" they creat.

Wal-nut: Tastes good, but 2 crunshi 4 us.

Potato Mine: This big bang hertz us. We glad it doznt take out 2 many ov us.

Sno Pea: Makes us moov 2 slo. We cant git to houze if we go slo. Gives us "brain freez," 2.

Chompr: Plantz shuldnt eat us.We supost to eat. Thats or job. Not the plantz job.

Repeatr: Shoots peas 2 hard. We not supost 2 git brusis.

Puf-shrom: Spors taste bad. Tastes like asid and it burns or tung. We dont eat brainz until that taste iz gon.

Sun-shrom: Just as bad as Sunflowr, but we glad it wurks at nite. A litl rubry 2 chew on.

Fume-shrom: Fumes brn or eyes and makes it hard 2 see. Cunfusis us becuz or eyes r not supost 2 brn.

Grav Bustr: Dem ruin or gravs. We wurkd hard on dem. Took us sevril days 2 put togedr.

Hipno-shrom: We not supost 2 eat uder zombies. Sdupid plant.

Scardi-shrom: We glad it scard of us. then we can eat it. But it firs same pufs as Puf-shrom.

Ise-shrom: We dont like the cold.

Dom-shrom: Big eksploson. 2 big. We scard of it.

Lili Pad: Tastes like pool cleener cald "chlorine." We hop thats speld rite.

Skwash: We not very strong. This iz 1 hevi plant.

3peatr: Shoots in 2 many lanes 4 us.

Tangl Kelp: We scard of botum of pool. Dont now y.

Halapeno: 2 spici and hot 4 us. We also scard of its flams.

Spikweed: Hertz or feet. We dont want things stuk there.

Torchwood: We tend not 2 cook or food. We cant take the heet.

Tal-nut: Tastes like Wal-nut, but crunchir.

See-shrom: Tastes like both Puf-shrom and Lili Pad. Bad taste mikstur.

Plantrn: We like the fog. It helps us hid. We dont want 2 b seen.

Caktus: We no like pointi objecs. Mite pok i's out. Den we cant see wat were eatin.

Blowvr: Stron winds. we wurk hard not 2 fal ovr.

Split Pea: 2 heds r wurs dan 1.

Starfrut: Wasts sum of its shots, wich iz good 4 us. We glad it doesnt shoot 4ward.

Pumkin: Takes 2 long 2 git 2 plant inside it. We glad sum of us hav ladrs.

Magnit-shrom: We want or bukits bak!!

Cabag-pult: Cabags r made of leevs. Way 2 many leevs.

Flowr Pot: Asks about an eksplodid mind in "almanak." That hapend 2 sum of us.

Kernl-pult: Onli plant we like. Must becom "popkorn" furst.

Cofe Been: We want 2 eat it. We want 2 moov fast.

Garlik: Wurst taste of al. Taste like us.

Umbrela Leef: Wont let or bungees take plantz. Keeps or catapultrs from ataking plantz. Bad in 2 wayz.

Marigold: Tastes like fens in or graveyard. E-z-r 2 eat than fens. Both good and bad.

Melun-pult: Meluns tasti, but hevi.

Gatlin Pea: 2 many peas! Yuk!!

Twin Sunflowr: 2 much sun. We relly need sunglasis wen we see it.

Glom-shrom: Mor powrful than Fume-shrom, but stil brns or eyes.

Catail: This plant cunfusis us. It suposd 2 say "meo."

Wintr Melun: Hevi, and it givs us wat is calld "brain freez."

Gold Magnit: Not bad, but anoyin. Bangs coinz 2gethr.

Spikrok: Hertz or feet mor dan Spikweed. We git roks stuk there, 2.

Cob Canun: Big plant. 2 big. Powrful plant, 2.

Imitatr: Werd plant. Always tastes rotin, but dont now wat it wil look like.