The ambush for Stone Age is ERUPTION!, where a volcano in the background will erupt, sending flaming rocks down on random squares, killing any plants or zombies on that space. Cannot hit endangered plants.


The lawn is set in Day, on a mountainous area with  zombie drawings, some ice and snow, and also some vegetation. What's special about the lawn is that rocks appear on random tiles on the lawn, and only deep-rooted plants can be planted on them. Also, there are Carved Tiles, which give either 100 Sun, 1 Plant Food or 150 Gold when a plant is planted on it for 50 seconds. Ice totally takes up the first space of the lawn.


The minigame for this world is Snowstorm, where zombies will come in suddenly through snowstorms, which are identical to Ancient Egypt's sandstorms. The minigame is in a Special Delivery format.

World Stuff


Travel back into the Year 3700 BCE, where the lawn gets all frosty and stony, with the terrorising zombies from the past! Get your plants ready for a stony showdown!


15 in Part 1, 15 in Part 2.


Part 1 (The More Stone Age Part)

Caveman Zombie

Regular stone-age commoner zombie.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Basic

First encountered in: Day 1

He always wanted to gain more intelligence then the Coneheads and the Bucketheads, but everytime he decided to go and get more intelligence, he finds himself asking for a Cone instead of going on an adventure.

Conehead Caveman

His wood-carved cone gives him twice the toughness of a regular caveman.

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Basic

First encountered in: Day 1

Don't tell the plants, but Conehead Caveman certainly does have a hatred for them. He even made his tree-carved cone pointy so that the plants would have some pain.

Buckethead Caveman

His primitive stone helmet gives him great resistance against damage.

Toughness: Hardened

Speed: Basic

First encountered in: Day 1

A legendary champion of the "Who's Got The Best Helmet" competition. He really played well against the Future Zombies in original toughness, and the Cowboys, whose helmets had way too much chili in it. The more you carve, the more you win.

Slingshot Zombie

Fires an unlimited supply of rocks at plants from far.

Toughness: Solid (17 NDS)

Speed: Stiff

Damage: Fires slingshots from the back row at your plants.

First encountered in: Day 2

Slingshot Zombie was once a very smart Caveman Zombie, but whenever primitive plants attacked him from far, he went and decided to find a solution. He then invented the cannon and the slingshot, but his stupidness took over, and now he still wonders why he chose the slingshot.

Voodoo Zombie

Throws bones around the lawn that spawn in zombies.

Toughness: Protected (28 NDS)

Speed: Creeper

Special: Bones can summon zombies.

First encountered in: Day 5

Voodoo Zombie got his degree in Necromancy and Thanatology in the Zomboss Temporal School of Zombies. He is the president of the Necromancy Club, and you should see his sessions of chanting for 1 hour.

Caveman Gargantuar

Titanic zombie who renews the stoning process.

Toughness: Great (185 NDS)

Speed: Changes

Stiff (185 - 95 HP)

Hungry (95 HP - 0 HP)

Special: Throws a rock down the line when damaged, killing plants in its way. (Rock takes 30 NDS)

Special: Does not launch Imp.

Damage: Crushes plants with boulders.

First encountered in: Day 8

Caveman Gargantuar has had enough of those imps and clubs everyone wields these days. Gargantuar life in the past has been harsh, and the truth is he's a miner, so he has to carry rocks around everyday. When the plants attacked, though, he found a new strategy that he would find really effective. First, he would not need to wield that club forever. Second, he can bulldozer a whole group of plants, and Third, and most importantly, he does not need that stress of throwing an imp while carrying two rocks.

Beehive Zombie

Summons deadly bees while running to your brains.

Toughness: Solid (17 NDS)

Speed: Hungry

Special: Summons Zombees regularly.

First encountered in: Day 10

Beehive Zombie is a supervillian these days. When zombies interviewed her, she seems to have first got her skill in training bees after sessions of watching bees fly around. She then got the great idea of sticking a stick up into the hive and running around with it, terrorising plants! GENIUS!


Small creature that flies around and eats plants like a zombie rabbit.

Toughness: Weak (2 NDS)

Speed: Speedy

First encountered in: Day 10

Brain-flavoured honey is his favourite food.

Bird Rider Zombie

Glides past your defenses for a while after entering the lawn.

Toughness: Dense (50 NDS)

Speed: Hungry

Special: Can only be hit by lobbed shots when flying.

Weakness: Blover (When flying)

First encountered in: Day 13

Bird Rider Zombie really is the first aviator of the zombie universe. He buckled up everything and everything for his journey on his bird, but he didn't put his luggage though, due to those recurring flight accidents...

Part 2 (The Icy Part)

Zombie Snail

Leaves behind a trail of disgusting, slimy goo that speeds up other zombies.

Toughness: Hardened (66 NDS)

Speed: Stiff

Special: Slime goo speeds up zombies and just poisons every plant.

First encountered in: Day 16

Zombie Snail has no idea how he can be a snail, a zombie, and a vehicle at the same time.

Caveman Imp

Thrown by snowball throwers or walks off snail, then crawls on.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Hungry

Special: Immune to ice.

First encountered in: Day 16

Caveman Imp has been really angry these days about Caveman Gargantuar not using him anymore, and for 5 years, he has trained in the Caveman Mountain Skills School. Now he is unstoppable!

Snowball Thrower Zombie

Fires snowballs that contains imps at your plants.

Toughness: Protected (25 NDS)

Speed: N/A

Special: Throws snowballs that contain imps.

First encountered in: Day 20

People have always told Snowball Thrower Zombie," You're not a kid! Go do something productive instead!" Snowball Thrower Zombie then invented the "imp in a snowball" trick.

Mammoth Zombie

Speed increases as health decreases. Is also a trampler.

Toughness: Tough (140 NDS)

Speed: Creeper (140 - 115 HP)

Stiff (115 HP = 70 HP)

Normal (70 HP - 35 HP)

Hungry (35 HP - 0 HP)

Special: As health decreases, its speed increases.

Damage: Tramples plants with legs.

First encountered in: Day 24


Zombot Dangerous Dinosaur

The stone-pulversing monstrosity of the Stone Ages.

Toughness: Undying

Speed: Hungry

Special: Falling staglactites summons Caveman Zombies.

Damage: Wind turbines destroy plants.

Weakness: Stone-pult malfunctions its turbines when it is eaten.

First encountered in: Day 30

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Part 1


Spearmints fire spears that pierce through zombies.

Sun Cost: 150

Recharge: Fast

Special: Spears cut through 5 zombies at once.

Damage: Normal (1 NDS)

Range: Multi-Hit

Plant Food: Fires 3 Spears at 3 random lanes which deal 75 NDS to any zombie it cuts through.

Unlocked after: Day 1

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Stone-pults fire deadly barrages of rocks at zombies.

Sun Cost: 200

Recharge: Fast

Special: Sometimes launchs a big boulder which can trap zombies inside it for 7.5 seconds.

Damage: Heavy (2 NDS, Rock) Massive (5 NDS, Boulder)

Range: Lobbed

Plant Food: Fires 4 flaming rocks up into the sky which comes down as meteors targetting random zombies, dealing 50 NDS in a 3x3 area.

Unlocked after: Day 5

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Honeytrees attract Zombees to it, causing them to fight against the zombies. Also, they can fire Honey at zombies.

Sun Cost: 125

Recharge: Sluggish

Special: Can attract Zombees to it.

Damage: Normal

Range: Straight (Honey), 4x4 (Attracting bees)

Plant Food: Heals all plants in a 3x3 area near it to full health.

Unlocked after: Day 11

Don't get this wrong, even though Honeytree attracts Zombees, she actually hates doing that, as she's a clean freak. She only wanted normal bees, and everytime Zombees come, she's actually hollering curses to them.

Shellseed (Gemium)

Shellseeds come out of the ground and launches themselves at the zombies before returning.

Sun Cost: 225

Gem Cost: 119

Recharge: Sluggish

Special: Comes out of the ground and damages all zombies while spinning in its shell. Takes time to recharge.

Damage: Heavy (10 NDS)

Range: Whole Row

Plant Food: Shellseed comes out of the ground, and fire appears on it. It then spins around in a Star-shaped pattern and damages all zombies that it hits for 40 NDS.

Shellseed has gotten slightly tired of staying underground, and living with worms. But honestly, who wouldn't want to stay underground when you have the benefits of not hearing any zombie moans and nobody talking?

Blizzard-shroom (Premium)

Blizzard-shrooms cause heavy snowstorms to happen in the lawn for a while, causing all zombies to be slowed, and take damage constantly.

Sun Cost: 250

Money Cost: $3.50

Recharge: Very Slow

Special: Requires time to unleash blizzards again.

Damage: Normal (1 NDS)

Range: Entire Lawn

Plant Food: Blizzard-shroom instantly recharges, and causes a stronger blizzard, which deals 2 NDS over time to zombies, and has a chance to freeze them. Strong Blizzards last for 4 seconds.

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Part 2


Woodhammers hammer zombies, stunning them.

Sun Cost: 200

Recharge: Fast

Special: Hammers can stun zombies sometimes.

Damage: Heavy (2 NDS)

Range: 1x3

Plant Food: Woodhammer summons a gigantic hammer, and hammers the ground, stunning all zombies in a 4x5 area.

Unlocked after: Day 16

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Torchsticks destroy rock formations, and also destroys frozen imps in snowballs.

Sun Cost: 150

Recharge: Sluggish

Special: Destroys snowballs and rock formations instantly.

Range: 1x2

Plant Food: Flame grows hotter, allowing it to act like a Torchwood as well. Lasts until it is eaten.

Unlocked after: Day 19

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Zomboss Battle

The Zombot Dangerous Dinosaur will stomp onto the lawn, and roar, causing rock formations to appear. The battle then begins, with 4 phases, each taking 250 NDS before going to the next one.


  • Causes staglactites to fall, possibly summoning zombies in it, and at the same time, killing plants on the tiles it falls on.
  • Spawns zombies normally, by opening its mouth, sending out a portal which the zombies appear from.
  • Mouth opens, and a wind turbine is revealed, sucking plants in 2 random rows into it, killing them.

​Zombies spawned:

Phase 1

  • Caveman Zombie
  • Conehead Caveman
  • Buckethead Caveman
  • Slingshot Zombie
  • Bird Rider Zombie

Phase 2

  • Conehead Caveman
  • Buckethead Caveman
  • Beehive Zombie
  • Zombee
  • Caveman Imp

Phase 3

  • Caveman Zombie
  • Voodoo Zombie
  • Caveman Imp
  • Caveman Gargantuar

​Phase 4

  • Conehead Caveman
  • Bird Rider Zombie
  • Zombie Snail
  • Caveman Imp
  • Mammoth Zombie


When the Zombot Dangerous Dinosaur is defeated, it will be electrocuted before its lower jaw falls off, and falls onto the ground. When the player collects the Stone Ages Trophy, Dr. Zomboss will hit some buttons, causing the head of the Zombot to fly up, and it gets teleported away.

Plants Given

  • Spearmint
  • Stone-pult
  • Honeytree
  • Shellseed
  • Woodhammer

Crazy Dave and Penny Talk