Alright, even I am beginning to do this, like some other people. The almighty Tecku is one I will state. Okay, so I shall now make a more..."proper" blog, unlike my previous one. There will be some information about the zombies I will put here.

The Little Stuff

  • The zombie must be unique. (Basic Zombie, Conehead, Buckethead not included)
  • Variants of zombies are not counted, for example Explorer Zombie and Torch Monk Zombie.
  • When I put a zombie in the list, it doesn't mean that they are just my favourite by some bland reason. I could even put Wizard ZombieZomboni or Giga-gargantuar in this list, even though I hate them. The reason I add zombies to both lists is because of their speciality, their toughness, their abilities, and their uniqueness.

Top 20 Best!

20th - The Zom-thief

We begin this list with Ra Zombie. He is the first new zombie you encounter, and he does have some good and unique specialities for one. Unlike Pole Vaulting Zombie, whom PopCap just decided to give a zombie high speed and being able to jump, Ra Zombie has more speciality, being able to steal sun. He even drops it back, so that it would not be incredibly overpowered. He could place higher, but he seemed a bit too bland for that.

19th - The Heavy

Gargantuar from PvZ1 was a pretty good zombie. He would cause the player to change their strategies to fend him off, and he even throws an imp when he loses health as a last resort, so he wouldn't be a bland tank. He also had a weakness to prevent him from being OP, which is his speed. He walks pretty slow, and every gardener hates him. I like him, however. And I think he deserved too much hate.

18th - The Flying One

Jetpack Zombie is pretty good all-around. First, PopCap made him be able to fly over any low plants, like a Pogo Zombie. Second, he ignores all ground plants. Third, he has an extremely obvious weakness, namely the Blover. He could be able to destroy any weak defenses easily, but unlike Wizard Zombie, Octo Zombie, Knight Zombie or Pianist Zombie, he had a pretty good weakness, so one gardener could annihilate him. After selecting the Blover.

17th - The Disabler

Ladder Zombie, one of the hated zombies from Roof in PvZ. You'd think I would be crazy for putting Wizard or Octo here, but no. Anyways, he had a good idea on him, being able to destroy any defensive plant with his trusty ladder, and at the same time use it as a shield. He would have seemed overpowered if he had no weakness, and luckily, George Fan decided to make the ladder metallic, have it be removed by an explosive, allow you to just dig up your plant and put it back, and allow the pults to massacre him. Truly, a good example for the PvZ2 Disablers.

16th - The Midnight Hawk

A chinese-exclusive zombie over here, but it isn't really very surprising. Rogue Zombie is quite creative, having him steal plants while being invisible, and still having a weakness from all that power, namely Plantern. PopCap Chinese did a good job on him, and he was a pretty unique guy. I wonder why he never made it to the international version?

15th - The Double Team

Both of them are quite good for a PvZ2 zombie. Firstly, they act like an infinite Bungee Zombie spawner, but at least they are counterable. The Captain walks slowly, and the Parrot doesn't just OMGWHATTHEHELL swoop from above to get your plants, and instead just flying over, giving you a chance to kill it.

14th - The Shrek

It might be an inappropriate joke, but please don't kill me. Shrek IS an ogre. Well, I admit that the idea for Zomboni IS creative. First, it has the POWEAR of a space orge on some ice machine, but like in the case of Ladder, he has obvious weaknesses. Spikeweed pops him, Jalapeno burns him and his blasted ice, along with a possible Zombie Bobsled Team, and some offense can shut him down. I chose Zomboni however, as Ladder Zombie didn't seem as special, and Zomboni had some other weaknesses to compete his hated squash-the-plants-then-create-the-bobsleds process.

13th - The Frozen

Hunter Zombie, the newest PvZ2 disabler! He might be like those hated Wizard Octos, but PopCap finally got the intelligence to make him have a good amount of weaknesses. So, he throws 3 snowballs, and that freezes a plant in his lane, unlike the previous ones which just take one hit, and can hit any lane. When a plant is frozen, the one behind it can shoot it to free it, and the new Pepper Potatos counter it very well. A good example for any other single zombie that comes later.

The rest will be comin' later.