(Cough) This HAD to be created. And since Wizard Zombie, Jester Zombie and Zombie King are added, well, it's time to list the MOST annoying zombies. 1 is the most, while 25 is the least. Note: This is based on my thinking. Also, all games. That's what i'll say. Don't rage on me, just for my opinions. Hey, you should have made yours then. Anyways... (Look down there.)

The list begins...NOW.

25th: Ra Zombie: Quite a punk, for stealing sun. Too bad he doesn't steal infinite, and if he didn't drop sun when dying...he'd be placed quite high. Also, it's easy to trick him.

24th: Ladder Zombie: Ladders. One word. xD However, several Survival: Endless strategies use Ladder Zombie's ladder to make plants invulnerable to Imps thrown.

23rd: Hammer Zombie: Sigh...he doesn't spin for an infinite time! Nerfed Jester Zombie basically.

22nd: Jalapeno Zombie: When not killing him early, it's doom to one entire lane, but at least he dies fast.

21st: Zomboni: Zambonis are dangerous. I get it. However, Jalapenos get rid of him easily.

20th: Explorer Zombie: If he was tougher, and a bit faster with more speciality, he might have ranked higher. However, being able to kill plants in one hit? Immediate raise.

19th: Chicken Wrangler Zombie: Please, no. NO! ZOMBIE CHICKENS ARE ATTACKING AGAIN! Enough of the overreaction however, since an obvious weakness (cough cough Laser Bean and Lightning Reed cough cough) has been found...

18th: Pirate Captain Zombie: Infinite bungee zombie time! xD! Still, parrot is easy to kill, and so is the captain himself. No wonder he isn't REALLY a captain.

17th: Football Zombie: Big plays for the win! Well, he IS a threat in earlier levels, since no magnet-shroom.

16th: All-Star Zombie: SPRINT TACKLEZ! (Evil laugh)

15th: Robo-cone Zombie: An annoying tough zombie. Knight places higher, however since he can rise from graves, and Robo is vulnerable to E.M.Peach.

14th: Zombot Plank Walker: Yes, a boss ranked so low? Amazing. He places here because sudden imp launch can be quite dangerous in early stages. Btw, he's easy to defeat still, if you're lucky and get Threepeater, Cherry or Coconut early.

13th: Shield Zombie: Amazed at him being ranked higher than even robo-cone and a boss? Well, his SHIELD is quite annoying, and he can just tank a Citron PF Blast for the rest of the zombies! Still easy to kill with Laser Bean however.

12th: Gargantuar / Giga-gargantuar: Both are about equal. Gargantuar is only real dangerous when spawned by the Zombot on a low-defended lane. Giga is just a tank guy for the zombies.

11th: Nunchaku Zombie: Well, he's like Hammer Zombie, but FREAKIN' ABLE TO KILL PLANTS SO QUICKLY?! Well, i still use my usual Melon spree on him.

10th: Pharaoh Zombie: Being resistant to butter, instant kills and gaining extreme speed boost is what an annoying zombie needs. Knight, Jester and Wizard still place higher though.

9th: Gargantuar Bronze: Not just gargantuars. TOUGHER. SPECIAL ABILITIES. And they just come in extremely fast, and are also found in a Special Delivery level that gives only Kernel, Coconut, Squash, Lightning and Tall-nut. Not really helpful.

8th: Knight Zombie: He would have died. Knight had no chance, but is still annoying, like srsly...being able to get that random helmet just because of a more annoying zombie?

7th: Zombot Sphinx-inator: Yes. You get non-helpful (Well, they deal low damage) plants through the entire fight. So, in the end, you have cabbage-pults and bloomerangs against gargantuars.

'6th'Imp Monk: INVULNERABLITY WHEN FLYING! AAAAGH! (Sorry for allcaps ._.)


''Jester Zombie'': I'm 50-50 on this one, since my main Dark Ages strategy focuses on Laser Bean and Fume-shroom. And tall-nut. However, if he appears in an Endless Zone, and you don't get Laser Bean early, you're dead.


Mecha-Football Zombie: Surprised he placed this high? Well, he wrecks my FF strategy sometimes, if i have low firepower and he appears early. Other than that, he's never gonna place higher since E.M.Peach weakness.


Zombot Dark Dragon: Extremely frustrating boss fight, with jesters, knights, wizards and gargs.


King Zombie: Well, he would have been first if it wasn't for his obvious weakness: No peasants to promote, and he dies.


Wizard Zombie: Ok, i get the sheep. But not being able to dig them up, and FURTHERMORE, Arthur's Challenge high levels with wizard and knight spam, you die.