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aka A Spooky Scary Impy

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August 2, 2015
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  • I live in on the Lawn of Doom
  • I was born on May 4
  • My occupation is scaring people with the power of imps!
  • I am a Spooky Scary Imp

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  • The PvZ and Angry Birds Fan

    I, the Spooky Scary Imp, shall create an ask blog. Will you ask me questions, please?

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  • The PvZ and Angry Birds Fan


    They are sneaky and very annoying, they go and get a quick victory!

    Impy is a class based on Imps, for Imps.

    Impy Sidekick

    Sidekick Imp Zombie


    1/1 for the Impy class

    "A small, brains eating sidekick!"

    Yeti Imp

    Tundra Imp Zombie


    When played, Freeze a random Plant

    2/3 and costs 2 brains

    "The Yeti Imp comes from the frozen north. A frigid, barren tundra full of snow and game devolpers"

    Imp Monk

    Dark Imp Zombie


    Start of Turn; All Imps on the lawn get +2+2

    1/2 and costs 3 brains

    "To Imp or not to Imp, that is the question: The answer, however, is To Imp"

    Super Fan Imp

    When played, Destroy a Random plant that has 2 attack or more

    Imp Fan Zombie

    Basic Common

    2/4 and costs 4 brains

    "Going, Going, Going, GONE!"

    Imp …

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  • The PvZ and Angry Birds Fan

    If PvZ Heroes had seasonal cards....

    Ghost Pepper- Has Afterlife, if not destroyed in 3 turns it will explode, 2 strength and 2 health, and costs 3 sun (Basic-Seasonal) any class may use it

    Sap-Fling - When this hits a zombie, Stun that zombie, 1 strength and 3 health, costs 2 sun (Basic-Seasonal) any class may use it

    Strawburst- While this is in your hand, it gains plus 1 strength each turn, 2 strength 1 health, costs 4 sun (Basic-Seasonal) Kabloom heroes only

    Dandelion- Attacks here and next door, 3 strength 4 health, costs 5 sun (Premium-Seasonal) Solar heroes only

    Jack O' Lantern- When a plant destroys a zombie, this gets +2 strength + 2 health, 2 strength 2 health, costs 6 sun(Premium-Seasonal) Mega Grow heroes only

    Blooming Heart- When thi…

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  • The PvZ and Angry Birds Fan

    Ask him anything (as long as it's not against the rules)

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  • The PvZ and Angry Birds Fan


    Well the gimmick here is split between parts,

    Part 1's main gimmick is Infinite Tiles: These tiles destroy anything on them, sending that stuff into infinity

    Part 2's main gimmck is Infinity Time, on Day 17, you will see the things sucked into infinity here, aka if a newpaper was on day 1, he'd spawn somewhere like a wild treasure yeti

    Another Thing: You must pay if you want to restart the level: You have to pay coins to retry

    Same as Modern Day, mashup world

    Part 2's new foes


    Hammer Gnome

    Shooty Gnome

    Shieldy Gnome

    Explody Gnome

    Zombot Infinity Explorer Take 1

    Zombot Infinity Explorer Take 2

    Lord Zomboss' Throne

    Grapes of Wrath-Unlocked after Inside the Time Rift Day 1

    Small-nut-Unlocked after Inside the Time Rift Day 6

    You will obtain…

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