Hello there, here, today I'm here about theory about Stone Age. It's unknown if it's gonna be added.

New plants

Level 3: Torchwood unlocked.

Level 6: Saturn Peach unlocked.

Level 8: World key + Imitater unlocked.

Level 10: Scaredy-Shroom unlocked.

Level 11: Shamrock unlocked.

Level 14: Aspeargus unlocked.

Level 16: Shamrockstar unlocked.

Level 20: Ice Queen Pea unlocked.

Level 25: Zombot Stone Crusher Trophy + Power Flower unlocked.

Level 28: Squash Unlocked.

Level 35: Gatling Pea unlocked.

Level 40: Bamboo Shoot unlocked.

Level 49: Bamboom Unlocked.

Level 53: Venus Flytrap unlocked.

Level 60: Cattail Unlocked.

Level 75: Dogtail Unlocked.

Level 90: V.I.P of Twin Sunflower, Shadow Flower, Unlocked.

Level 100: 2009 Zombot trophy+Hypno-shroom Unlocked.

Level 150: Umbrella leaf unlocked.

Level 200: Gloom-shroom unlocked.

Level 250: All premium plants are unlocked.

Level 300: You can pass on to Ice Age.


Level 3: Crazy dave:Uh-oh, looks like we need to protect those Umbrella leaves!

Level 6: Crazy dave: Better be careful, there's the rock-throwing Garg- crazy dave gets hit*

Penny: antuar. *windows get smashed*

Level 8: Let's hope that there aren't any Rock-throwing Garg- *crazy dave gets hit again*

Junior Dave: Let's hope that there aren't any Rock-throwing Gargantuars.

Level 20: Protect those Ice Queen Peas.

Junior Dave: They'll melt quickly, so make sure you bring some snow peas with you. They'll shoot the ice queen peas and they'll keep them alive.

Level 25: Dr.Zomboss: I will crush your plants. So look out. Here, I'll give you some Ice Queen Peas.

Level 50: Protect those Bambooms!

Level 100: Hypno-shroom: Help me, I've been captured!

Crazy Dave: No worries, Hypno.

Level 150: Umbrella leaf: Please unlock me ;(

Level 200: Gloom-shroom: Hi

Level 250: All Premium Plants: YAY!

Level 300: You get a note:

Hello there, I’ll see you in the next world. I will also construct a new robot for you. I might also get a huge ice-breaking plant in case your plants freeze into ice blocks. I would hate if your plants had turned into ice blocks, because then zombies would get in your house.



==New zombies encountered==

Caveman Zombie

Conehead Caveman

Buckethead Caveman

Dinosaur-riding Caveman

Stone-chucking Gargantuar

Peashooter Zombie

Wall-nut Zombie

Tall-nut zombie

Jalapeno Zombie

Gatling Pea zombie

Disco Zombie

Backup Dancer

Laser Bean Zombie

Winter Melon Zombie

Citron Zombie

Bungee Zombie

Hacker Zombie

Elite Hacker Zombie

Potato Mine Zombie

Squash Zombie

Spikerock Zombie

Coconut Cannon Zombie

Imitater Zombie

Repeater Zombie

==Before you get the world==


Come back to time into 125,000 BC! You'll meet lots of zombies.


  • Although stone age may be scrapped, it could come back.
*This is because for some reason.
    • Zombotany hybrids come back.
  • That's because this game's boring without hybrids.


Q WHY WOULD A WORLD HAVE SO MANY PLANTS AND LEVELS?' A. Stone age is long time ago, so that's why. Q. How long Do the IQPs last? A: 30 seconds.

Amount of brain Busters

Save Our Seeds: 4 Last Stand: 8 Sun bombs: 3 Cannons Away: 5 Potions: 6 Not OK Coral: 5 LAL (Locked and loaded: 7 Special Delivery: 5 (exclusive)Boss Rush: 1 (level 300)


Now, zombotany Returns. Now, Dr.Zomboss Has made more hybrids. Levels Of Zombotany: Level 35 Level 40 Level 55

Sun bombs

Pretty much the same as Far Future.