The intro is this:

A taco has been lead to Crazy Dave, by a Gatling Pea. A stray zombie walks in, and is horrified by a pea shot in. Then, a metorite hits the player's house, releasing the Ball Cactus, the Coconut Rocket Launcher, and the Popcorn-pult. Then, the Barrel Cactus releases out it's rope and whips a zombie with it. Then, the Popcorn-pult shows an angry expression and throws 40 popcorn all over the place. More Astreoids break in, and it releases the Future Cactus, the Sun Pharaoh, and the Cactus. Then, a stray puff-shroom breaks in.

In Game intro:

It shows an Alien Flower knocking down a Gargantuar, A Beet attacking a Gas Can Zombie, a row of Gatling Peas and Torchwood attacking Dr.Zomboss.