The 7th era has arrived, and Roman Zombies appear.


Roman Peashooter

Health: 100 (shoots slower)

Alamanac: Romanus miles ad pugnandum immortui exercebat, ut ad eam rem defendere homeowner officium.

Plant food ability: Shoot 600 peas for 10 seconds at 60 peas a second.

Saturns: 100


Health: 12

Sun production: Produces saturns, which replace sun for This era.

Plant food ability: Produces 400 saturns.

Saturns: 50

Jupiter-nut(couldn't think of anything more Ogrinial)

Health: 230 (thunders zombies)

Damage: Kills zombis with thunder.

Saturns: 400

PF: Instanly kills all zombies in a 5x5 area.

Twin Saturnflower

Health: 24

Saturn production: twice

Plant food ability: Produces 1600 saturns.

Saturns: 300


Health: 1

Damage: 2 IK

PF Ability: Makes 4 more Rome-mines.

Saturns: 250


Health: 7

Damage: Heavy (5 per ring it grows)

Damage: Crushes zombies

Special: Grows rings.

Saturn production: Depending of how much rings.

Plant food ability: Produces 500 saturns.

Saturns: 75


Health: 500 (150 for chestplate, 175 for iron)

Special: Has armor

Damage: Cuts zombies

Damage: Stabs zombies

Plant food abilty: Gold upgrades to iron and Iron upgrades to diamond, adding 4x it's health

Saturns: 2000


Roman Zombie

Regualar Roman zombie.

Health: 10 (5 for it's gold helmet)

Conehead Roman Zombie

His golden cone gives him extra protection.

Health: 50

Buckethead Roman Zombie

His iron and golden Bucket gives him invunerable abilities temporally.

Health: Infinity for 30 seconds, then 90 for 30 seconds.


His iron armor and his axe gives him the best protection.

Health: 300

Damage: Cuts plants with his axe

Damage: Throws his axe like a boomerang.

Damage: Roars very loudly, killing all plants in a 3x3 area.

Special: Throws a lot of Zombie Chickens When he hits 150 health (armor is destroyed)

Imp Warrior

His iron armor and his axe gives him the best protection.

Health: 70

Damage: See Romangantuar

Special: Has an axe.

Warrior Zombie

His iron armor and his diamond sword seriously cuts plants.

Health: 150

Damage: Cuts plants

Damage: Throws his sword

Damage: Calls an army of Zombie Chickens.

Damage: Uproots plants

Special: Has a sword.