Zen Garden Update Concept:

-The Zen Garden Update-

The Zen Garden Update is far less complex than its partner. It introduces;

-A new currency, Ambers.

-Crazy Dave's refrigerator, as seen in the trailer.

-New Items to "water" your plants with.

-A system that allows a player to have plants of their choice in the Zen Garden.

-A reintroduction of Flower Pot, and the ability to plant Marigold.

Ambers are the rarest of the three currencies. They can be obtained the way the others can, though not as often. Ambers are spent during levels, by tapping the Amber icon, and dragging one onto a plant. Instead of supercharging it, the plant will drop a single seed. When collected, the seed will go to Crazy Dave's refrigerator, where it can then be placed in the Zen Garden for immediate use, as an exact copy of its host.

The "New items" can also be collected in game. The first one is Twiddydinkies Milk, seen in the trailer. It will go to a separate area of the fridge than the seeds, when collected. When applied to a Zen Garden plant, it will cause the plant to produce 5 silver coins, and a gold one every minute thereafter for 30 minutes.

The second new item is Bacon Farm brand Egg Nog. It makes the plant retch then for an unexplainable reason, inflate to a dramatic size, creating room for plants on top of it.

Finally, the reintroduction of the Flower Pot. Includes an almanac entry, and the ability to plant it on the lawn now at a cost of 0 sun! Marigold will retain its sun cost.