So finally it's been (unofficially) two years of PvZ Wiki. I've become quite inactive due to both my waning interest in PvZ2, and school.

I first stumbled upon PvZ Wiki in 2013 upon completing Wild West on the old map. The silhouette of Far Future had piqued my interest, and I searched the web looking for info about the content. Far Future Leaked Info was the only page/discussion that had anything of use. I soon found out about Laser Bean, Blover, Citron, Infi-nut, Magnifying Grass, Tile Turnip, and Starfruit. The hype was unbearable. I came back to the wiki after the 4th world's release to get the scoop on Dark Ages. Then, finally, in the PvZ Wiki Dark Ages, I joined the wiki officially. Just in time for the Vasebreaker and Big Wave Beach leaks. As more worlds released, they got more and more unoriginal. More premiums, more OP zombies, etc. Soon, the worlds had far too many similarities to be original. EA was determined to be the one tree in the forest that grows so large, it casts a shadow on all the forest.

I am not retiring officially, and wish to keep my rights for now, as I become inactive. Hopefully, I will regain interest in PvZ as a whole some day.