Create Link:

[[Page destination in brackets|optional name will replace it]]

Install Regular Template:

{{Template Name In Braces
|parameter = whatever}}

Install Tabber Templates:


Variable 1 =

Bad Stuff

|-| Variable 2 =

Good stuff

|-| Variable 3 =

More good stuff.


Install Icon Template:

{{S|Plant or Zombie of Choice|number of game}}

Make a Wordbubble: (JemCel03's is the example. All credit is his):

|image = 
|color = 
|name = your username
|textcolor = 
|fonttype = 
|displayname = 
|sig = 
|color2 = 
|line = 
|textcolor2 = 
|text = }}

Make A False Notification:

<ul id="WikiaNotifications" class="WikiaNotifications"><li><div data-type="1" style="position: fixed; top: 500px; right: 35px"><center>Say something!</center></div></li></ul>

Create A Two Level Signature: