Sky World Concept for Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

Preview: Take a trip to the age of myth to Jack the Gargantuar's sky lair. You'll have to plant fast, with the aid of Beanstalks, as Imps threaten to harvest a whole variety of flatulent, pompous, and swell bean allies.

This world has the same gimmick as roof, as due to elevation, all plants must be planted atop Beanstalks.

On Day 1: 6 Rows of Beanstalks will be provided for the player. The basic zombies with the exception of the bucketheadd are introduced here. The Beanstalk is the level's reward. Occasionally, on the lawn, there are gaps in the clouds.

On Day 2: The Player will now be forced to rely on their own Beanstalks from now on. The buckethead is introduced here.

On Day 3: The world's ambush is introduced along with the "Harvester Imp." When the ambush is activated, the red title "Harvest Time!" will flash across the screen, and a wind will blow all plants back one column, throwing the left-most plants off. Harvester Imps will be delivered on the rightmost column, and collect/steal/harvest the first three plants they encounter, before heading off screen. Any projectile in the air while this ambush occurs will be blown away.

On Day 4 - Locked and Loaded: The chosen plants are Beanstalk, Infi-nut, Cherry Bomb, Melon-Pult, and Bowling Bulb. The reward for this level is the Sunstalk plant. (Sunstalks cannot have plants atop them, as they bloom into sun-producing flowers.)

On Day 5: The Zombie Axeman is introduced. It has the ability to chop down both Bean and Sunstalks in 3 swings. However, Magnet-shroom can make a useful ally here.

On Day 6 - Save Our Seeds: The Middle Column on the screen is home to 5 endangered Sunstalks. All previously introduced zombies are present in this level. This level's reward is the Mango Satellite. (Orbits a 3x3 area, protecting it from the Harvest Time ambush's winds. Has a high toughness, and can also make Wizard spells backfire, turning them into the wizard chickens shown in the Dark Ages: Part 2 trailer.)

On Day 7 - Last Stand: Same zombies as Day 6, all sun producing plants are allowed except for Twin Sunflowers, and Sun-shrooms. The player starts the level with 200 sun, and must produce more over the course of the level.

On Day 8: The Raincloud Zombie is introduced. It has the ability to toss Beaned Imps down from its raincloud. It will hover over a certain plant stunning it with Beaned Imps. The Beaned Imp walks backward on the lawn, every now and then pausing to release a crippling bout of gastrointestinal stress on the unfortunate defenders literally "behind" it.

On Day 9: The world's exclusive brain buster is called temperature swings. (This wasn't my idea, but I don't which user to give credit to.) The player is given a peashooter to defend with. Certain tiles are "Hot" and "Cold" spaces. If a peashooter is planted on a space that is cold, or a regular or hot tile changes to cold, the peashooter will be transformed by temperature into a Snow Pea, and vice versa, for a Fire Peashooter. All previous zombies appear here.

On Day 9-1: Increased Difficulty

On Day 9-2: Temperature Swings are now much more sudden. If a a Snow Pea's area temperature is changed too suddenly to hot, it will be incinerated. The Fire Peashooter will be fatally frozen if the opposite occurrs.

On Day 9-3: Ambush time increased by 60%. Diffuculty increase is major. The peashooter upgrade is obtained as this level's reward. It has a rising sun with-what else, a peashooter emblazoned on it. The upgrade will make the peashooter fire 10% faster, and deal 1.5xp damage per shot. This upgrade works for all variants of peashooters.

On Day 10 - Gargantuar Boss Battle: This level as are the others of its kind is played Special Delivery style. All previously used plants minus Snow Pea appear here. Two new Gargantuar types are introduced, each with their special power. The Gargantuar Body Guard has the ability to summon backup, while Jack the Gargantuar can be the cause of the Harvest Time ambush.

To do: 11-20 are Night levels. Thundercloud Zombie, Cloud Puzzle Brain Buster (4 levels), Jack the Gargantuar Boss Battle, Firefly Zombie, and Aurora Peashooter are introduced here. The device crashed, and deleted it all. To be recreated.

Part 3 (Yes, way):

On Twilight 21: Both basic Day, and Night Sky variant zombies are reintroduced. The twilight variants are introduced. And NO, THEY BEAR NO RESEMBLANCE TO VAMPIRES!

On Twilight 22: Firefly zombie is reintroduced. 

On Twilight 23:

On Twilight 24: A Sea Bean puzzle piece is this level's reward. (5 pieces total)

On Twilight 25: 

On Twilight 26: 1 Moss puzzle piece is obtained. (5 pieces total)

On Twilight 27:

On Twilight 28: 1 Fireweed puzzle piece is given as this level's reward. (10 pieces total)

On Twilight 28-1:

On Twilight 28-2:

On Twilight 28-3: Sunflower Upgrade: This is the level's reward. Upon unlocking it, all sun producing plants will now be able to produce sun 25% faster, and withstand 2 more zombie bites.

On Twilight 29:

On Twilight 30 - Zombot Boss Battle: The Zombot Lightning Striker is introduced. This level is played Special Delivery style. A gold zombie holding up the sky is awarded to the player upon completion. The Lightning Striker has the ability to change the setting from Day to Night, to Twilight, and so on in any order, at any time.

On Twilight 30-1: The Zombot Lightning Striker is battled a second time, except, this time, the difficulty is increased, the level is played Last Stand style, and the player must complete the following objectives: Lose no more than 8 plants, and defeat 30 zombies in 5 seconds. Upon completing this, the player will be rewarded with a new endless zone, 5 plant puzzle pieces (15 in total), and the other 9 bonus levels have been completed previously, then a new powerup. Not to mention a platinum zombie holding up the sky trophy. 

  • This World has 3 Endless Zones, one for each stage. The Day endless zone is called It's Bean Blustery, the Night endless zone is called Jack's Dark Domain, and the twilight stage's endless zone is coming soon.
  • More Coming Soon