It has come to my attension that users with poor contributions have been losing their sun as punishment for their inability to do better. To earn back a badge, you will have to take a trial of ten contributions. The staff will then evaluate these trials and give you a score out of 100. You can afford to get lower than 40% on 3 of the ten rounds. The staff has appointed me to prep users for their test. Here is what you need to know:

Tabber Template Installation

1. Go to the source editor.

2. Configure the data like this:


?Como estas?

!Muy bien!

To end this template type tabber inside this: </typeithere>

Wordbubble Modification

1. To customize your wordbubble, go to a page with it (Not a talk page) and open the visual editor.

2. Click on the wordbubble, then click "Get info about this template".

3. Once on the template's page, click edit, then customize the parts.

4. It is best to open another user's and modify the parts

Hahahaha! I got you good! Hahahahah! Sign your name in the comments below if it got you!